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    I have a bad time getting to sleep sometimes and sometimes my sleep is a little erratic. Until I made me thread on my autism/ADHD keeping me awake, a girl suggested that I use melotonin supplements to help make my sleep patterns more in sync and t make me able to drop off to sleep faster, on most nights it takes me about half an hour to 2 hours to get myself to sleep and it's effecting how I am the next day. She said its natural and the brain produces it and it's like a vitamin.

    How often do you take it? Did it work? How much do they cost normally?

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    Circadin is the one I have been taking - which is slow release melatonin. Not sure how much it costs - mine was prescribed so cost a prescription cost (or free if you get them free).

    They worked a bit for me - particularly with getting to sleep - but made me feel down and irritable in the morning (more than usual). I'm taking a break - and then going to try them again in a few week's time.

    Normally a doctor would give them to young children and people over 55 - but they make exceptions if they think they will help you.

    As I understand it you can't take them long term - you use them to set up a rhythm of sleep and then stop taking them.

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    I tried it but gave it up because it made me jittery. According to Today some people, especially older adults, experience the opposite effect and feel anxious and jittery after taking it.

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    Melatonin is what your brain naturally makes for you to sleep. You can buy it in pill form from any pharmacy. Just follow the directions on the bottle. I use Melatonin and valerian root most of the time but also have prescription sleep pills.

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    Be careful with this sweetheart as if you take it regularly your body can become so used to it and it can have the adverse affect and keep you awake....i used it on my daughter for her sleeping pattern and it started to go the opposite way and making her high and hers was prescribed by professionals xx

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    I am not thinking about actual sleeping pills, I mean't vitamins

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    You can get them at Walmart for like 5 bucks. I used to take three or four a night when I was in the army. Definitely may want some coffee in the morning. I've definitely felt "hungover" from the after effects of them.

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    I take one (5mg I think) many nights (not every night). It doesn't "knock you out" like a lot of sleeping pills, but just makes you tired enough to want to lay down. It won't do much if you're not at least partially tired to begin with.

    Also try limiting your exposure to "blue light" in the evenings. This includes most artificial light sources such as phones, computers, and tvs.

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