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    As Ive stated before in this "Mature Topics" forum, I'm bulemic. So today me and my girlfriend were together without tops on... kind of relaxing getting touchy feely (thats all im saying) and she randomlly stopped. She said to get off me and get dressed so I did. It really hurt me. When i asked her why she did that, she responded "your breath smells bad and its reminding me what your doing" She was pisseed...whenever i do that it hurts her... (vomit that is.)

    I havent even done that(vomited) in a few days but that totally just took away her enjoyment of the moment.

    I never TRY to hurt her feelings....

    I feel so bad... But Discuss: What would you do if you were in her place? Do you have any advice for me?
    Please... I know your out there people

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    I'm trying to think of the nicest way to say this so please try not to take it too harshly. Obviously stop throwing up, its a lazy and unhealthy way to lose weight.
    Second, mouthwash/toothbrushes are your friends. Especially if you've been damaging your teeth by upchucking stomach acid onto them.
    I'd feel the same way she does, eating disorders are self imposed. It pisses me off when someone would treat their body in such a wreckless and lazy way. There are other, and MUCH better ways to be healthy. You'll feel better, look better and deserve a hell of a lot of respect for it. You can be better, if one wants to be.

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    Throwing up actually doesn't help you lose weight. You are only getting rid of 1/3 of the calories so you are likely to gain weight when you eat more.

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    Exact same post as here:

    So please use the other thread. No need to post the exact same thing twice.

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