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Thread: what is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast

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    Default what is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast

    & where are you from!

    i'm from canada, and my favorite breakfast food is waffles with fried eggs & maple syrup on top! it sounds weird and im not even from quebec but i swear it's good haha!

    tell me about your favorite breakfast food! do you eat breakfast? if not, why??

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    Most of the time I don't eat breakfast. I went through a period of a couple years where it seemed important to eat early in the day but for most of my life, I'm not hungry until about six hours after I get up. I like breakfast foods but I'm happy enough to eat them at other times. When I was feeling a need for breakfast, it was usually toast and cheese, toast and jam, or a hot ham and cheese sandwich. I've tried to like cereals both hot and cold but aside from the convenience, nothing really sticks with me on that front.

    My favorite that way would be biscuits and gravy with eggs on the side but omelettes or scrambles are also pretty good. I don't have a very consistent love of pancakes but a couple of times a year I really want them. I have a harder time turning down waffles (something about those squares, I guess). Juice of some kind seems like the most critical bit overall. Something with a bit of acid to cut the mung of sleep does more than just brushing teeth or mouthwash.

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    waffles and bacon and hot chocolate!!! hot chocolate is a staple for feeling better ANYtime!

    and real NH maple syrup

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    I like porridge and there is a really nice cereal called krave in the UK, it's a wheat based crunch with a chocolate filling and it's delicious! And a bit expensive than other cereals, so my dad gets it for me if I have been good.

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    My absolute favourite breakfast food is a toss-up between Eggs Royale (Eggs Benedict but with smoked salmon instead of ham) or a Full English. I rarely eat either though, since they're both rather heavy on the calories.

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    Dry Cheerios from a bowl while I check my morning emails....with a coffee, milk and sugar....

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    I never eat breakfast either, except when my wife and I decide it would be nice to go out to Cracker Barrel. We love brunching on pancakes and eggs, sunny side up! In the winter, if we're lucky, they'll have a fire burning in their big stone fireplace.

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    I'm at a point now where I'm not really hungry in the morning, but I've spent most of my life eating breakfast and French Toast is my favorite by far. Mom's recipe though, not the stuff you get at a restaurant. It always came out differently.

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    no breakfast here either...just a nice hot drink to start the day ...Angelic i know of krave...they do about 3 different flavours in son goes mad for it lol ....hugs xxxx

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    I like McDonald's bagel and McGriddle sandwiches but very rarely eat them (I was disappointed when I found out they apparently aren't included on the all-day breakfast menus around here), but I do like my dad's bagel breakfast sandwiches too. Although I tend to get up late so breakfast for me might not be until 11 or 11:30.

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