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Thread: Just recieved some Rearz Seduction diapers.

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    Default Just recieved some Rearz Seduction diapers.

    I haven't posted or lurked much as of late as I was busy selling my Urban house and buying and moving into my (new to me) house on 10 acres in Connecticut. Cant even see another house from my house. Can you say yard work in well used, thick, dirty, diapers?

    I decided I needed to celebrate with a case of premium diapers. I was searching around the web when I came across the rearz seduction.

    Being more of a DL, I though to myself that these diapers looked like just the ticket I was looking for.

    Probably not for the more AB oriented users, but they seem thick and well made.

    They are expensive so I decided to purchase a few singles in different sizes before I purchased a case. They came in the mail today.

    walking up from the mailbox.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    nice and thick:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This weekend I plan to really give one of these a good soaking and messing, then with the help of lots of barrier cream, wearing it around the house and yard all day.

    I cant wait.

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    Hopefully no neighbors will drop by to welcome you to the neighborhood while you are wearing and messy!

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    Those look really nice. I have never worn a dark diaper before. I never really thought about it, but can you even tell when they are wet from the outside? I know for us it doesn't really matter because we can tell how wet they are by feeling, but from an AB perspective diaper checks would be very difficult ha.

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    11 heavy wettings those rearz approx take.

    Made one leak after about 13 heavy wettings, which is unheard of usually a diaper taking THAT much!!!

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