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Thread: adult interests?

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    Default adult interests?

    so what is "big you" interested in at the moment I am really interested in the art of guerrilla warfare I find it super awesome. what about you guys?

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    I've gotten into restoring doll houses and furniture. Also painting and sewing.

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    I like drawing manga characters and making my own, writing stories, making and modifying little clothing, making games for my littl side, buying toys and things for my littl side, playing video games, playing sims and other PC games, reading, listening to music, going for walks, swimming, tennis and watching superhero and sci-if films

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    I've gotten really into playing some of the big Romantic pieces on piano. I just recently bought a Yamaha Avant Grand, N2 digital piano. It's an amazing instrument and I've enjoyed playing it every day.

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    one of my big hobbies is also my favorite little hobby: playing dress up! i love fashion, have always loved clothes my whole life. i like to dabble in alternative fashions & create outfits on my dress form. i used to do merchandising for a clothing store and dressing mannequins was my dream. it was like playing with life size barbies and the whole store was her wardrobe. i love going thrifting for new clothes because it's eco friendly and super cheap. plus it's like a treasure hunt and when you find something good it's even more satisfying.
    i also do lots of crafts, mostly making accessories like decorating hats, turning things into purses, making rings. i like to make things for the house too so i spend a lot of time on pinterest hahah

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    I like to do as much reading and cycling (human power) as I can manage.

    Other things I do that I'd rather not.... fix stuff. Since my cheap genes prevent me from buying new stuff until I've wrung the last possible drops of use out of the old. Cars, appliances, electronics, you name it. When I'm done with something, you can rest assured that its ready for the curb.

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    I love history, anything about history but I have a larger fascination with certain eras, the fifties (I was raised by my grandparents they were parents in the fifties), and the victorian era, everything about it fascinates me, there were so many new things and everything was made to be both detailed and beautiful yet functional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I've gotten really into playing some of the big Romantic pieces on piano. I just recently bought a Yamaha Avant Grand, N2 digital piano. It's an amazing instrument and I've enjoyed playing it every day.
    I'm so jealous. I played piano when I was young but it just sort of slipped to the sidelines and I haven't touched it in years. Had all these plans to buy a amazing keyboard that I loved; a Korg Triton. Amazing piece of musical machinery lol

    As for interests, well they include gaming, architecture & design and photography.

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    I'm a history major trying to get a degree to teach it, that's probably my biggest adult passion.

    I kind of have the rest of my big hobbies and interests intertwined with my little side, I do a lot of 40k, MtG, I read a lot of sci-fi. This stuff kind of blends into my Power Rangers/Ninja Turtles obsession, the new ones are pretty great. Fortunately the explosion of Nerd Acceptance has been fairly advantageous for the nerdy little, ^__^

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