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Thread: Sorry that I didn't share my joys, with you guys...

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    Default Sorry that I didn't share my joys, with you guys...

    About eight months ago, I shared my frustration with two people not paying rent, and not leaving my property. Well, I didn't tell you guys that I got them out in mid-march. So I and my dad start working on the house every weekend. About 3 weeks ago, we completed the work and listed the property. Last, week we got an offer for it, and accepted. Yay! Unfortunately, the realtor, this morning, said the buyer is trying to back out. So, here we try again.
    Lord, give me patience.

    Stay padded, my friends,

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    Marvellous, ta so very much, Where are any of the bloody details.

    Did you unleash a swarm of bedbugs upon them, as I suggested.

    Like, get real, its not as if we are asking you to disclose where the bodies are buried.

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    Its always nice to know how the story turns out, even when its real and not in the story forum.

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