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Thread: Masking diaper/urine smell

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    Question Masking diaper/urine smell

    Masking the smell of used diapers (only urine)

    I am wondering how you guys try to mask the smell, is it possible?
    Living home with my parents, I can only take my bag of diapers out every few days. Those few days and the summer heat make it enough already for the piercing smell urine develops to come through. I wear +/- one diaper/day and keep them tightly rolled up together in a knotted grocery bag. I also vent my room every night for 30 minutes to an hour.

    Are there any methods I could try? Air refreshners, longer/more often periods of venting, a different bag,...

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    I would maybe try those resealable freezer bags. They do a good job of sealing the smell in when sealed properly.

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    Candles, incense, and products like fabreez do exceptionally well at odor control.
    You can never have too much venting either.

    I also like putting a layer of baby powder in every soiled diaper to help diffuse the smell a little.
    Alternatively, buy boxes of baking soda. They're very cheap and do wonders for odor control.
    Apply a generous layer at the bottom of your trash bag or with each used diaper.

    If you can, try sneaking one or two into the bathroom trash without having the added weight be too suspicious. The smells would blend in more.

    Do you have an outdoor trash receptacle? That's hands down the best way to dispose of diapers.
    Just go at night when everyone is asleep or preferably when you're home alone.

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    One of the best things you can do is drink loads and stay hydrated. If it gets to the point where your pee is basically clear, what you are passing is almost water and barely has any smell to it. If you are dehydrated and your pee is yellow, its much stronger and has a distinct smell.

    Other than that, get some airtight sealable bags with the plastic zippers on them, or plan out your wearing at times that you can easily dispose of them afterwards.

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    The Scentsy used with Febreeze wax will kill all of the smells. You just have to change the wax every two or three days. I have fecal incontinence an no one can tell by my place.

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    Charcoal briquettes adsorb orders pretty well,, not the instance light kind just plain.

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    If you buy the higher end diapers they are Designed to cover more of the smell, and it does translate to when they're in the garbage as well. I never have a problem with dry 24/7's smelling even when they are left in an open small trash can in the bedroom.

    That and when I put them I'll put them in a trash bag and tie a knot in the end of the bag so it's air tight.

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    Personally I like to tie up the diaper in a grocery bag; like form target; I also burn incense A LOT.

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