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Thread: Medications Causing Frequent Urination

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    Default Medications Causing Frequent Urination

    I am debating on wearing diapers to help manage my frequent urges to urinate. I am on a high dose Diuretic for other medical conditions. This is not something I can stop taking and there aren't any alternatives for me. I talked to my doctor and he said "I am certain it is your medication that is causing it". He told me that I should look into managing it, but he didn't recommend any medications.

    I wake up 9 out of 10 nights to pee and it really isn't all that much. Then thought the day I pee about 10 times. It is really irritating especially when doing cross state drives. Having to stop constantly makes traveling more cumbersome.

    I have tried Abena Abiform X-Plus in the past. I found it easy to get used to, however it was quite expensive. Also, wearing in public is not something I feel comfortable doing.

    Any tips or ideas that could help?

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    You might try something that's a little more discreet like a pullup. I use Always Discreet in the afternoons which I find do well
    for m.e. In the mornings I wear the A+ level 4's which are alot thicker. Check the XP medical web site and order some samples
    and try out what might work for you.

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    Thank You for the advice, I guess my question is... Should I seriously consider Diapers? Or is there another option? I am tired of waking up to pee every night and also hate having to stop what I am doing constantly.


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    For sleep, I think I would just wear diapers. I think it would be your easiest option. I wear almost every night and I don't have any problems. I wear cloth and plastic pants which are less likely to leak than disposables, if that helps.

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    Last time I was sick I had to drink a lot of water, and getting up to use the bathroom every ten minutes was really annoying me, so I just slapped a Bellissimo on myself.

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    So I should wear diapers? I guess I feel odd about it.

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    There are condom catheters I suppose. Google it, lots of options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iam32bit View Post
    But I am a Girl, aren't condoms for guys?
    LOL Yep they are only for guys.

    I think what your going to have to do is look at your condition. For night time use Start off small maybe the pull ups. Some people use Pull ups and Plastic pants for bed. I don't think it would work great for men. But for woman it might work out well. Then try different absorbance until you find the right product for you. If none of them work well. Then switch to Diapers depending on if you like cloth/Plastic washable or Cloth Disposable or Plastic back Disposables then adjust the product.

    Day time use do the same.

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    I had to see the Doctor recently to review my diabetic meds. She wants me to try this new drug to lower my sugar levels and also lower my blood pressure. She went on to say it has very little side effects though some people reported some slight incontinence when using this. Then looking at the screen she says but this won't be an issue for you. I guess she was looking at my notes which state I am both IC and enuretic and dependant on nappies which I get a supply from the NHS.
    I do wonder if this medication will make my incontinence worse or more frequent. The drug name is empagliflozin

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