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    Hi! first of all, I'm a long time lurker, but I decided to create an account today! so hello, nice to meet you all

    I was wondering if there was a way to ship diapers to a ups / fedex location instead of my own address and pick them up there? would be a big help! thanks!

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    Welcome to Adisc!
    With ups you can create a my ups choice account which will allow you to choose where your packages get delivered. A my ups account is free and makes it so you can choose either an access point or an ups store to hold your package for free.

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    No problem, as far as fedex is concerned I know they have a package hold option for certain stores but my local store will only hold certain packages, and diapers are always to big for them to hold so they will either deliver it anyways or I have to choose a different store to hold the package. You can look on their website to see what type of packages your local store will hold.

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    So when I'm on a website, let's say,, when I check out and I get to the shipping info, what do I give them? thanks for your help!

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    Abuniverse ships ups, what you need to do is set up the my ups choice account first, which will have you put in your name and address for your house. After the account is made you can set your preferences to where you would like your packages delivered and you can set it to where ever the closest access point for you is. When you order from Abu you will put in your name and home address, as soon as ups gets the package it will be intercepted and be rerouted to your preferred drop off location.

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    Can we just put in the address of the UPS store that does hold packages til you pick them up? Or must you put in home address. Just worried the package get delivered to my house accident and my family finds it.

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    I'm not too sure about that, I have always just put in my house address and UPS has always intercepted the package and delivered it to my local UPS store. I have done it many times and never ran into any issues with them not holding the package.

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    I've only done this with FedEx. What I normally do is put the address of my nearest FedEx store and then I write "HOLD FOR PICKUP" in the second line for the address. You don't have to put your home address, but I'd put your phone number in case theres an issue and they need to reach you. Works every time!

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    For the UPS Store just have the location's address with your phone number in line 2 of address.

    BUT FIRST call the UPS Store or FedEx Office and make sure that they do accept and hold packages. Some franchises don't do that from what I've heard from a few people.

    There's a $5 fee for each package via UPS Store, so bring payment.

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