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Thread: Hi friends!

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    Default Hi friends!

    My names Willow- Honestly im really new to all this.
    Ive always liked being more childish than usually accepted but i also love the idea of having a little/sissy to take care of.
    My idea relationship (I am openly Polyamorous) is having a daddy/carer for myself but having a lil boy to take care of <3 Twins would be amazing as well!
    So in general i guess i'm looking for a little boy? I dont know not trying to break any rules!
    Id be such a good momma! I hope anyways!
    Has anyone been in a Poly relationship along with being a little or a carer?
    I dont know what will happen but feel free to say hi ^-^ id love to meet new friends in this community!

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    I am sure you will get plenty of responses to your note... Best of luck in your search and desire!
    And as always ... be sure to enjoy yourself!

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I haven't been in a Polyamorous relationship, at least not by choice. I went through a rough time in college when my boyfriend was trying to make me jealous and he'd bring another guy into our room and just start making love. This was our dorm room, and while this was going on, another guy would come into my room put this more politely...."do me". I still don't know what was happening. I was young, reasonably good looking and in good shape. But I also was Borderline Personality and I'd just let things happen without putting up any resistance. Then I'd go into deep depression or just go off on someone. It was no way to live.

    Anyway, if you can live with several others doing your thing, more power to you. One thing I'm not is judgmental, not after the life I've lived.

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    Hello miss willow glad you decided to join. I'm sure you'll make lots of new friends on here and might find a baby or daddy. How did you get into this lifestyle? What do you like to do for fun?

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    welcome hun ...i love both being momma and also little hun....i choose little when i want to join in playtime as adds more fun to just being momma..but i do love being momma more i have to admit...i enjoy dressing up and joining in to see that side away from the momma role....i also love wearing oneises etc to bed if i feel i need comfort and to forget things....not sure if that is regressing as im still learning how deep that goes but i love talking little and dressing little too with lots of frills and petticoats etc.i have AB on my profile but im learning more that i am actually little when i dress and talk....i wasnt aware of littles till i came on here so learning alot ..when im momma i love the actual feeling of being needed and the feeling of the affection given back ..hugs xxxx

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    welcome to ADISC, MissWillow! never be afraid to jump into discussions or send messages, this is a very friendly community

    ( p.s. 18! you're just a baby! ;P )

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