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Thread: The one bonus to real life ABDLs get and regular people with they did (related to diarrhea)

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    Default The one bonus to real life ABDLs get and regular people with they did (related to diarrhea)

    I had some food yesterday which didn't agree with me. We all know what happens, your crap doesn't get finished right and you end up with runny turds better described as diarrhea.
    ABs, especially active ones, almost always have diapers on standby. So after my first bout with some less than clean crap. I strapped a diaper to my waist before I went to bed. That's where the good comes in. Without it, I would've woken up with brown undies and ruined sheets.

    I'll also move to note that I always have at least one night time accident during my bouts with diarrhea. Which this is the first time in... six years, I think.

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    Back last winter, I had an occurrence of the stomach flu. I ended up going through a pack of certainty diapers just trying to keep my sheets and pants clean. I had to pretty much go every ten to twenty minutes. It was horrible. Luckily when my friend found out they were understanding.

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    Ive posted it before but I was In a collage class one day and I thought I had to fart. Luckily I was diapered because I pooped myself. I sat as still as possible until the class was over so it wouldn't smell. I was really embarrassed.

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    Well not to sound gross but I had hot and spicy for dinner last night, this morning the seat of my diaper is hot and spicy and very uncomfortable.

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    Yeah, I've had stomach flu and that "nonstop gas" and had to get to bed. Took some pepto bismol before bed and taped up. Lots of gas overnight but everything seemed cool. Until I changed out the morning. Looked like a soot bomb blew up in my pants. (pepto does that) VERY thankful for my bambino teddy!

    I had gone through this once before, several years back, before I was as "into" diapers as I am now, and had always been kicking myself for having a horrible evening and laundry to do in the morning (counting sheets and 4 pairs of undies!) and not having padded up, so getting it right definitely was a positive note on my being ill the next time. It was one of those "I HAVE diapers... WHY didn't I wear them to bed?! What was I thinking?! NOT going to make that mistake again!" And so I did not, and was very thankful.

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    I don't find them helpful for that. Even in extremis, my control is pretty solid. If I can't hold it, I'm probably so sick that I won't be out in the world. In any event, what winds up in the diaper is frequently too acidic to endure long, making it better just to hit the toilet frequently.

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    Thinking about a continuation of this.
    Even if I wasn't an AB, I would probably keep some diapers around for such a case, at least for night as to protect my stuff.

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    I've had to use my diapers a few times for actual things like this. Most recent was, I had to go really bad, people are always in the bathroom when I need it. Ran back up and used a diaper. One before that was In the middle of the night, I had really bad stomach, prolly due to food, with really bad diarrhea every 5 minutes, I ended up kneeling over my chair to rest with a goodnite on, just letting it go when needed until it stopped 3 hours later. This was before I got my Cushies, otherwise if I had this really bad I could just sleep with it on and go as needed.

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    I think they save a lot of us in similar situations. I have had some sick days when I was very happy to have some dips. Being able to curl up and not move all day is a plus.

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    It's not nice to actually use them in this scenario, you could really do without the cleanup and disposal issue when you're ill. It is nice to have the reassurance that if you don't make it to the toilet, you won't ruin clothes, bedding, mattress etc. though, even if the extra few seconds needed to undo the tapes perhaps increases the chances of you having an accident when you do go to the toilet... and if you really have to go out, the protection is even more valuable!

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