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    So I've been a bit of pain in the butt with diaper sizes, complaining that mediums were to small and larges to big, I'm 6ft 34" waist
    I'm going to use tykables diapers for my example
    I use to wear the larges, they came to just below my belly button and to the small of my back, I would simply tape the diaper into the landing zone and go about my life, the top tapes would be closer together maybe 4" apart from each other and the bottoms would be about 1" behind the tops. I would have normal performance wetting, but not good whicking up the back and I would sometimes leak if I sat down.
    I ordered mediums and tapes them on, they were smaller and tighter, it got me thinking why a cut would be like that and made for up to 36" waist, I must not be doing something right. That's when the light bulb went off, I've been doing it wrong and mediums are really my size, not only are they my size but they end up being tons thicker of taped correctly
    I tried this standing up and now that I know my tape placement it does t matter laying down or standing, but I recommend standing up 1st
    Put the diaper under you, starting with the back position it so the top tapes land a strait across line equal to you navel, now pull the diaper up and onto yourself, you should have the diaper top just below your belly button, take the top tapes and tape them across the top of the landing zone. (It's a clear plastic on the tykables) now take both sides of the diaper near the pad side and the wing , and pull up and towards the back of you, you should get a nifty fold tri fold, now take your bottom tapes and purposely place them under that fold on the wing only, I also angle them slightly up. This will allow your diaper to expand outward while keeping the guards close to you.
    The point is the bottom tapes should never land on the padding, if they do the diaper is to big on you and should try another size smaller.
    These tykables absorb awesome now and have an unbelievable swell, the diaper is acting like a whole unit as engineered and wicks great. I'm also doing this with the space diaper and its in believable.
    Give it a try folks you maybe surprised

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    The specific taping strategy is going to change depending on both the person and the diaper, but it really is important to experiment until you find something that works.

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    This definitely seems like a good strategy for some. Taping is one of those things that usually takes a few tries to figure what works best for you.

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    Is that on video? I'm lost.

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    I put the my diaper on standing, leaning my back against a wall or the sink. Start with the lower tapes to get the diaper tight around my legs, pull the diaper up a bit and fastening The top tapes.
    Anyway we all have our ways in getting a correct fit for ourselves.

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