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Thread: For my wife

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    My wife has really come around lately and has said she'd be interested in wearing for me once in a while. I was wondering what a good diaper/pull up would be for her to use, that also is also comfortable for her and possibly a lower rise? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    What type of diaper are you looking for? AB/DL? Medical? Cloth?

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    More medical. Maybe like a child pull up. Doesn't need to be abdl.

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    I'd recommend Bambino Biancos. They're all white and for a tape on diaper they are low rise compared to other brands.

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    If you wanted a decent medical pullup I'd go with Abena or TENA, or perhaps even Molicare. I can't really recommend one since I haven't tried them out myself. It depends on your wife's taste and yours really. If she does use them for the intended purpose though I wouldn't recommend pullups, I'd rather go for tabs.

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    Always discreet, they fit adults, have floral prints and low rise

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    2nd for Always Discreet maximum pull up for first timer female use.

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    I don't think she is going to use them, just wear them. Something that looks decent. I guess it kind of does depend on my taste, but I want her to be comfortable, too.

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    Has she ever been a kind of girly-girl with colors? You know, pinks, purples, those things? If so, the Molicare Super Plus is a medical diaper with that purple tinge in the plastic.

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    She is. I like those myself. Might have to get some.

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