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    So after having visited every store in town that would concievablyl sell a Kion stuffed animal i've reached the conclusion that I'm going to have to order one. I am looking for one that is of a good size (not too large, but also not small) and is close to actually looking like Kion (i've seen some nightmarish versions online) I was wondering if anyone here had a kion plush that they bought and would recommend. It's hard to tell how big they are etc. from just a store page. Any help would be appreciated.

    (as a side note. It makes me even more angry that i live in Florida in a large city and we still dont have a Disney store. I mean, come on )

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    I have a small Kion plush that I bought from Target but I've also seen a giant one at WalMart but say also try JCPenny as they have a tiny Disney section that shares select Disney Store items

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    Yeah. I saw that JCPenny had their Kion plush on sale so i figured what the heck. If it is smaller than what i'm looking for then i didn't spend too much on it. In the mean time, i saw a review for the talking Kion and i have decided that i actually want one of those too x.x It's super cute. It also turns out that we are going to orlando in november to help with the special olympics (which we do every year - i just have never been able to go to the fall games because of classes) and it's hosted by Disney so i'll have the opportunity to wander the aisles of their huge disney store at Downtown Disney. Though i'm still trying to figure out how the capital of florida doesn't have a disney seems like the kind of thing we would have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyler View Post
    Yeah. I saw that JCPenny had their Kion plush on sale so i figured what the heck. If it is smaller than what i'm looking for then i didn't spend too much on it. In the mean time, i saw a review for the talking Kion and i have decided that i actually want one of those too x.x It's super cute. Though i'm still trying to figure out how the capital of florida doesn't have a disney seems like the kind of thing we would have.
    I actually want one of the talking Kions too :3. And same here as we have almost every major mall store (except Macy's but besides the point) so you'd think we'd have one

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    Its amazing how huge this stupid little series has become with the toddlers. I mean, there's only the one season/thirteen episodes out on netflix, right? Or is there more that hasn't found its way to streaming yet? Yes, Old Maxx has seen the series more than once. No I'm not into it. I have a granddaughter who will turn three in a couple of months.....
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    The amount of episodes stands at 16 at the moment I believe not including the 45 minute pilot 'movie'. I have not watched what there is of the second season yet. However, it is not as though this "stupid little series" is standing on its own. It is held up on the shoulders of The Lion King itself. With returning characters (and in a few instances returning voice actors) this show resonates well with people who have seen or grew up with The Lion King. This would mean the parents of quite a few of the toddlers and young children currently who would then be more than happy to put this on the television in favour of another show (I'm looking at you, Dora). It also helps that this series is legitimately good. The children they got the voice act (and let's all be thankful that they got children and not a multitude of female voice actors that can "pass off" a child's voice because, let's face it, while passable it's not entirely convincing (looking at you Timmy Turner)) have talent. The music included in the show (1 song per episode) is generally well written with no songs that could be considered legitimately bad and with others that are quite outstanding (Sisi Ni Sawa, for one). Harking back to the point about parents preferring this show on the television to others due to nostalgia, this is more evident in the animations of the characters (oh yes, the age old "the animation is good!" argument returns - however with a twist). In the animations are references to the Original lion king. For example, in Sisi Ni Sawa the two characters for a moment do the iconic Hakuna Matata head flip as they walk, or in another instance Simba and Nala, while singing, do the iconic back to back pose from Can you Feel the Love Tonight. etc etc. While not standoutisih enough to beg attention, there are little nods to the giant on which this series stands.

    All this to not even touch on the writing of the show, the messages that the show is trying to convey (which, in my opinion, are not as blatantly "here's your sign" as almost any other young children's show out at the moment) and the fact that they have proven that they're not afraid to touch on darker topics such as death. All of which give this show a more mature air and weighty feel. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and some argue - with very well thought out points - that this show is ruining Lion King - or less doomsdayish, at the very least changing it. As to their correctness and at which level they are correct, i say figure it out for yourself.

    If this post reads very defensive it's because I was getting kind of defensive - not gonna lie. However, that's not really my point. I really just want to point out that a series doesn't have to have grand origins or a multitude of seasons backing it up to become big. Let's take a look at Firefly here. As long as they show stays true to itself and doesn't try to become too much or something that it is not, in most cases it will prevail.

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    I realized after the fact that I shouldn't have used the word 'stupid'. It is 'stupid' in the sense that its not any sort of cinematic masterwork, and it seems to be a commercial success all out of proportion to its own merits. You're right that its probably due at least in part to parental familiarity with Lion King. Junior was a little too old for the original, but his older sister already had a toddler of her own by then, so Mrs. Maxx bought the VHS version for him. We still have it around, and the granddaughter fell in love with it.... and then Lion Guard. Oddly enough, Mrs. Junior also still had her VHS Lion King from back in the day, so we gave her one of our spare players, so granddaughter can watch it here or at home.

    Mrs. Maxx has always been a Disney fan, so we have all the old classics in DVD or VHS, whichever was available at the time. allegedly "for the grandkids". I made them sit through Fantasia not long ago. I have fond memories of seeing that with my parents at the drive-in theatre when I was little. I don't recall if I was still diapered.... probably not.

    Does it dilute Lion King? I don't think so, any more than I think any remake or sequel dilutes the original. It may or may not stand up well to the comparison, that's all.

    Who am I to judge if all the kids and wannabe kids like it? I'm not the target audience and never was, either for the movie or the series.
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    The Lion King itself stands on the shoulders of Shakespeare; it's basically Hamlet with lions, plus music by Tim Rice and Elton John. There's a reason it's probably Disney's most iconic animated film of the post-Eisner era. I very much doubt a spin-off for toddlers is going to dilute it at all.

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    Also funnily enough Akastus, it stands on the shoulders of an old epic called Sundiata (as well as Hamlet). I did a 5k essay on a comparison of the two.....that was a long essay x.x

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