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Thread: Bringing A Little More Little Into Daily Life

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    Red face Bringing A Little More Little Into Daily Life

    So I just received an amazon order in the mail and I thought that I would share two of the things that I bought.

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    The first is a Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar. I have been wanting one of these forever, they are in like every picture of a pre-school and kindergarten class that I see. It even gives you a blank face and a blank tile dry erase for your own task. And although the years in the picture were 2014 - 2018 what I got was 2016 - 2020 so I get at least four years out of it!
    The other is this.

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Name:	Chore Chart.jpg 
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    It is a sweet chore chart. I already have it filled out with all of the chores that I most neglect like fill the dishwasher and make the bed. There are also specialty ones like help with the outdoor chores and 2 blank dry erase ones for special chores that need to be done. I figured if I fill the whole week up I'll get a treat. I just haven't decided what that treat is going to be yet.

    Has anyone else got anything to bring a little more little into their everyday lately?

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    That sounds like a nice idea, I find it hard as I forget to do things, maybe I can make my own, I have my own behaviour chart but I stopped using it for some reason.

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    it's been a while since I bought myself any now toys.

    But I am thinging of getting some building blocks then I can build a big Tower and knock it down using my remote control car. Hee, hee

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Name:	41lQtYeq9pL._AC_US160_.jpg 
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    30 Pieces Wood Fantasia Colourful Building Stacking Bricks Blocks

    I seen these but I think I might just go to the toy shop and get them. Then I can feed all the toy farm animals, to the toy dragons and dinosaurs. And blow bubbles at people.

    And I have also see another little with these cool shoes which I also won't to get.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	515nvuBZyPL._UY395_.jpg 
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    Roller Shoes Ultra Light Up Roller-Skate Heelys Wheel Shoes Sneaker -Red Black,

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    Wow, I love those blocks, I am buying toys for my baby side, my 15 month old side as well as my kid and toddler side.

    I currently after some stacking cups and some fabric stacking blocks and a shape sorter.

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    I'll wear these out in public (without the frilly socks)

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    Wow, I want both the socks and the shoes but I already kinda have shoes like thatClick image for larger version. 

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    I like the idea of a chore chart. I'm bad at doing my chores. I also like the shoes (and frilly socks) but I would only end up wearing them at home...

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    I'm ok at doing chores, I have to, no one else is going to do them but there are some basic ones that I don't do as consistently as I should like make the bed. M husband never cared about it, his philosophy was 'hey we're just going to mess it up again tonight'. But there is something super comforting about getting into a well made bed. Also I hate and I do mean HATE doing dishes so I kinda put those off once in a while and they pile up a bit. This will make it so I have to do them everyday. I really like the calendar too, it's fun to put all the magnets on and it makes you look at the weather outside. Every morning I've been going outside and standing for a minute to see how warm it is and if there are lots of clouds or just sunny or what have you. It's so much fun to be a kid!

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    i so want some light up shoes in adult size!! they're so cute & my mom would never buy them for me as a kid hahah

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    I used to have light up shoes back in the late nineties and they were in adult sizes. I didn't really wear them often, I wasn't crazy about the attention they attract even if it was people saying they like them. I would rather cute pink shoes maybe with a Minnie Mouse on them.

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