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Thread: Crotch snap help

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    Default Crotch snap help

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to go about putting snaps in the crotch of regular jeans, overalls, and other sorts of pants?

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    I'd imagine you'd have to visit a hobby store or a material supply store and see if you can purchase some snap-buttons and then cut out the crotch of your jeans.

    Although, I'd get a pair of jeans a size too large. When you put the snap-buttons in, you'd have to overlap a little, which would shrink the size of them. I'd also try to hem up where you cut so they don't fray.

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    With jean's, I'd be hesitant to put in some snap buttons, because it might be uncomfortable with the existing zipper and current button, and if you remove them, it might make it hard to put in new buttons. As for finding them buttons, they are probably at any craft store or, even in craft sections of like Wal-Mart

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    First use an old pair to practice on. Second remove the thread from the seam, don't cut the material. Attach the snaps, you can get them and the installer thing at fabric stores. Now comes the hard part, you will need to resew the seams separately on the pants.

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    Thanks for your help. My friend and I are gonna make some AB clothes and sell them so I figured I'd put snaps in the crotch if I could figure out how.

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    One major point and a few finer ones...

    1) Use three or more heavy duty snaps in addition to any #15 0r #16 snaps. Otherwise, the crotch might come open in public.

    2) The flap should be front over back, contrary to what is shown in the sketch..

    3) Key the crotch. Have you ever put button #4 into buttonhole #5 when buttoning a shirt, and not realized it until you had nearly finished buttoning? If you put all of the male snaps on one side and all the female snaps on the other, then if they are offset when putting them on, you won't know until you reach the end. For example, if you start in the middle, and put male #5 into female #6. This can be avoided by 'keying' or alternating the gender of the snaps. When snapping your own crotch, you won't have a good view of what you are doing.

    4) Put the elastic in the waistband before the first washing if you want the familiar elastic-waistband fade pattern.
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    Best of luck trying to add a snap-crotch feature to existing jeans!

    The front and back flaps need to overlap. With existing jeans there is no extra material there.

    My sister Missy has designed our AB outfits since 1990. She started making the back flap on Onesies long enough the snaps are slightly below the waist in front. This makes wearing the Onesies more comfy and also makes changes way easier, if you must change yourself or when a care giver does it.

    The same principle applies to rompers and sunnysuits. For jeans and overalls Missy also puts snaps on the inside of the legs.

    After reading your original post I talked to Missy about this. Her suggestion is to use an old scrap pair of jeans. Add extra material so you can experiment with the snap placement. Once you are happy you can then deconstruct the jeans so you can use the parts as a guide while drawing your pattern.

    A caution: nearly all the fabrics that make the most comfy AB clothing, including denim, needs to have edges overlocked. The ideal machine is called a multi-needle overlock, but for home sewing there are smaller machines called sergers.

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    Thanks for the help. I'm trying to figure out how to make an adult onsie right now. I got one from a sight for handicapped people, disassembled it, and made an outline of it for a pattern. Since it was small I enlarged it but I'm not sure how well it really turned out. I forgot to allow extra room for hems and diapers. I'm gonna try again soon. Any pointers about that?

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