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Thread: Curious on your answers...

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    Default Curious on your answers...

    We've all talked about which diaper we like best, the best price, and why we like it. Here's my question for all of you.
    What is the most you would pay for a diaper? What would it have to have or do to justify that price?

    Stay padded, my friends,

    (Wearing an ABU Simple, with one wetting, so far)

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    Most I paid for a diaper was 2.60, recently, bought some ABU diapers as they were my first ABDL diapers and I enjoyed them despite being a little more pricey than regular adult diapers or a lot more than baby diapers

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    My most expensive purchase per diaper was a 2 pack of Rearz Pink Princess, at 7.50 each. It was a special occasion, where my gf wore one for me. Only reason I would ever spend that :p

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    I normally pay about 12 a pack on ebay

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    I haven't had the chance to try out any of the AB/DL brands myself simply because I cant get around the idea of paying so much for them. Yes they are a lot more absorbent then anything local and yes they are made to look fun and childish, but as mainly a DL who lives on his own and has to make sure everything else is taken care of; I cant justify paying the costs. My mind just screams no. Couple that with the shipping costs in Canada usually being insane. While I am a fan of thick and polybacked im not for emptying my wallet to do so. Makes me jealous seeing pictures of the orders some people make. I find myself

    That being said I have my fingers crossed for a fall/holiday sale in the future, but I have purchased Molicares and Abenas (Before the cost increase) so highest cost spent since I have moved out into my own place has been about $67 CAD for a case of small Molicares. So 56 diapers, about $1.20 each.

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    There isn't a set limit on the amount I will pay. Obviously the better value for money the better, and the more likely I am to purchase again in future.

    Things like Rearz Safari when they were first put on sale, I paid A LOT (Almost 10) to get a single one in the UK to try out. Obviously I wouldn't do that again after the initial chance to try them out, but I Don't in any way have a problem with paying a premium for cute prints, or good absorbency. The price of a pack of ABU diapers in the UK For example is quite a bit more than your basic pack of Tena Slips, but seems totally justified in my opinion.

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    $30+. because it has to be reusable and soft. disposables give me a rash.

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    I've probably paid $3/diaper before - sample packs of specialty abdl diapers. That's very rare - and I wouldn't pay for MANY at that price point. When I'm purchasing cases, my goal is $1/per. A lot of times I end up closer to $1.50.

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    Most I think I have paid is A$4.90 a nappy in small packs.

    I would only go that high again if it was a perfect recreation of a '90s Huggies for her pink plastic backed with the sizing and mod cons of an SDKv2... Would have to be in a packet that looks the part like Crinklz.

    Oh yeah would need to be scented with a heavy classic nappy scent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by memaymymoemoo View Post
    $30+. because it has to be reusable and soft.
    I've paid $30+ for cloth diapers, yeah... I have a feeling the OP forgot to stipulate "disposable".

    Most I've paid for dispies is probably $5/diaper, and that's for a bag of vintage baby diapers.

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