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    I'm sure this has been asked a billion times but couldn't find anything on it.

    I enjoy being in a wet nappy, but there comes a time that one needs to change into a nice clean fresh nappy.
    What i want to know is after changing into a new nappy how long before its wet again?
    I changed about 15 minutes ago and within i would say 5 minutes, my nappy is wet again. I love the feeling of a clean nappy on and when its wet.
    This is just something i thought would be interesting to find out.

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    My nappies never stay dry long. I am incontinent and dependant on nappies 24/7. I tend to drip and dribble all the time and sometimes my bladder just empties without warning. Other times I am aware of the need to pee for about a minute or so before I start uncontrollably wetting. I doubt I am dry at any time for more than a few minutes.

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    Diapered or not, I don't need to go very often, so my diapers usually remain dry for hours.

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    Sometimes I don't wet them at all. Either because I don't have time to do laundry, or I just like the dry feel now and then.

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    I try to drain myself before changing into a fresh nappy but it does happen that just after a few minutes some drops find their way to the new nappy, either voluntarily or not. But in that case the nappy still feels dry.
    I like getting into a fresh nappy (I tend to keep mines until they get very wet), but I like the sensation of a wet nappy (not a saturated one though) as they are bulkier and very comfy then.

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    I can't say this happens often but it does happen to me at times. I will use a diaper, change and almost right away, need to pee again.

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    It varies by how I handle the change. If I stay in a wet diaper until it's at max capacity, I sometimes wind up waiting to change until I have to pee further and I know I can't use the diaper I'm wearing because it will leak, so I change into a dry one and it doesn't stay dry for more than a minute or two. On the other hand, if I'm getting ready for bed after being diapered much of the day, or getting ready to go out and I want to wear a diaper, I'll wet the one I'm wearing, then change into a dry one, and in that case it can stay dry for a few hours or longer. I actually have a reasonably sized bladder, so I've gone to whole movies where I start out dry, drink a soda, and I'm still dry at the end of the movie and not even feeling that uncomfortable.

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    I have a large bladder and don't have to go that often, so I can stay dry for hours before I wind up wetting my diaper.

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    Very interesting thanks for the replies.

    I seem to have trained my body to relax when I'm in my nappies. So when wearing a nappy, my bladder just releases. I can feel it coming most times but there are also a lot of times i feel my nappy getting wet. Thats how relaxed i have gotten. i don't resist it. I let it just happen. After all that's what a nappy is there for. However when i am not wearing i have full control. Yes i may have to go to the loo more times than i would normally especially after a long period of wearing, but it quickly changes to normal . But it is funny how some days i need to change more often than other days. For instance yesterday i changed at about 8am. By 11:30am i needed to change then again at about 3:30pm then only again before bed.
    Today i changed out of my night nappy at about 6:45am. Unfortunately i got busy and before i knew it i was having a BM. So had to go change this about 8:30am. Now i havent had to change again and still feel as if there is enough room left in my nappy. I suspect it will last another 2 hours or so.
    I can stay dry for a good few hours . i think it just depends if i have been drinking a lot of fluids or not.

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