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Thread: Having mommas ..mommies.

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    Default Having mommas ..mommies.

    As you know i switch between momma and little..and i have had two ABs that i cared for in the past.. one was very close to me and one a dear friend..but recently my friend has said i should actually do it professionally..this has never really entered my head as i have just done it out of love and im not sure i could do it professionally as i am a caring person..if that makes sense....i dont like to charge for affection...what i want to i know my AB needs already and what they liked i wondered what you expect of a momma or mommy you go for the image of sexy or do you go for the proper as a mom would look and dress..i am intrigued as ive noticed a few ladies that offer these services look more like porn stars with their babies and to me a mom doesnt dress like that when she is seeing to a baby....i know there is the kinky side to it but what do you prefer from a mom? xxx

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    Well for me I would like the proper mom but every once in awhile I like to see the kinky side just for fun.

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    Default it does make me wonder where the kink comes in with ABs when moms arent kinky around babies....or is it that there is the actual regression in certain babies and others do it for the kinky side and not so much full regression in the sense of going back to childhood for real rather than roleplaying it? if you understand what i mean..............hard to explain lol xx

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    I think I get what you are talking about. For me it's actually about time, since I have both the kink and the regression side of it. Let me explain that a little more, if I only have an hour to three I only express the kink side of it, if I have a full day or more I regress. Cause the kink side can be easily and qwickly dealt with, as for the regression side that takes a bit of setting up dressing up etc and it takes me about an hour to regress.

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    ahhh thankyou....see i love to regress but more just on a night when i feel the need for comfort..but i did love to dress in girly dresses pettis etc and roleplay alongside my ABs and that i loved so much but on the other hand i love to switch to momma..mommy....but i have never really known what some get out of the kinky side of it when being a baby as opposed to being sub and being dominated...yes i understand theres the punishment bit but then even a real mom wouldnt tie a baby to a bed or spank its got me wondering what its really all about if it is a state of regression or more roleplay with the ones that like the kink side xx

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    Well I do remember being spanked at a very young age. But as for your question with me when going the kink route I do regress a little bit but also roleplay, it's kind of a two sides of the coin thing for me. Sometimes I even (when I have the time) go from the kink strait into regression, if that makes any sense.

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    yes totally understand..its interesting hearing this from your side as from the mommy side i just see baby and treat like baby so there is obviously more than just regression to take into i say im only used to my two so not really ventured into that side of things with them as they just wanted that baby side totally. ..hugs xxxx

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    I prefer the proper mom idea, I don't really go for the whole kink and punishments stuff at all.

    I would love to have that experience of being cared for by a loving, sweet and motherly person, just being a little toddler and having a mommy to take care of me and just be it like that, a mom. Even though the whole thing, even just regressing by myself, does turn me on in the beginning, I never fantasize or have the desire to engage in any type of sexual stuff. I do sometimes pleasure myself, but at that point I'm not very regressed.

    So yeah, I prefer the proper mom and not the sexy one.

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    I would want proper mommy who would love and care

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    Awwww so wish i was near you all just to give you the chance of having a mommy for the day.....i prefer to stay as the proper mommy role to be honest ..I find the kinky stuff a bit odd when it comes to nursing somebody that is regressed but then on the other hand i also see the other side of it that to many the regressing also comes with sexual sides to it too so i dont see it as wrong in anyway at all ...I suppose the motherly roll could still incorporate some forms of punishment but without the need to dress in something a hooker would wear lol.....very interesting hearing your views on this as it has had me wondering what other ABs other than the ones i have cared for do actually like regards their caring...hugs xxxx

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