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Thread: Where to get cute underpants? (in the UK)

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    Default Where to get cute underpants? (in the UK)

    Hi fellow little's
    This is mostly a question for those based in the UK i will really appreciate any input x x
    Whilst I love wearing nappies often its not always practical to do so, I'm currently looking for some nice cute boxer shorts (maybe briefs) to fit a 28 to 30 inch waist.
    Does anyone know of any good websites for this? I would prefer to buy online if possible.

    Also..(and this is a bit embarrassing)...maybe some knickers. O-0!! I was talking to some girl-friends about my nappy interests and they suggested that I should wear knickers when not in nappies, I'm not sure about this but will maybe look into the options. Oh and they would have to be cute and childish for me to be interested lol.

    I anticipate that people will suggest just wearing diapers lol but i am going to buy some underwear and just want to find some cute ones when I do

    Any help greatly appreciated xxx


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    I especially like the hello kitty knickers, they're so embarrassing they're perfect

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    i think she does more too if you go in ..frozen can also get diapers with some of same prints on hun x
    and some shorts if you after but they are plain

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    Cool x
    Also I found these that have perked my interest:

    but not sure if they would be practical to actually wear around town underneath clothes

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    Wow some of those look great might have to get some for my girl, any places that do more boyish ones? Maybe some sesame street?

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    I meant underwear, and it doesn't have to be from the same seller

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    I'm from the UK, these look very nice though, thank you!

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