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Thread: hello diaperslovers

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    Default hello diaperslovers

    Me name Katarzyna and I'm diaperlover.
    I am 31 years
    very glad that I could join on a forum of a DL ABDL I finally found a busy place where you finally accept that I like to wear diapers for pleasure.

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    welcome hun....look forward to hearing more about you and seeing your posts...hugs xxx

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    Sorry I qouted replay and lost everything

    Hello and welcome to ADISC where you can find AB/DL or both ABDL you can also find BF or DF. They are even some IC.

    I am a BF but because I like to be more of a adult I like to class myself as a adult cub AC I also like MLP so I am a adult foil as well AF. I am both ABDL. I may not have my own diapers but that is not going to stop me from been a ABDL.

    Your not the only one that

    like to wear diapers for pleasure.
    I wear sheets and towels. It is also good to wear anything that feels like a diaper if you do not have access to nappies/diapers. Even if you can not use it like a real diaper. I may have to try more of that.
    [Maybe one day I will get some real diapers]

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