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Thread: I just put on a tabbed diaper for the first time ever

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    Default I just put on a tabbed diaper for the first time ever

    And it's soooo nice oh my gosh <3

    Previously I used pull up style Attends and they were alright but prone to leaks since they were too big and frankly of poor quality.

    I only have one tabbed diaper which is a bummer. But so far, I'm really enjoying it far more than any pull up. I got this one from my recently deceased aunt's house. Her daughters were giving anything and everything away because of a deadline to empty the house and the more they gave the less they had to clean up themselves. Walked away with a few stuffed animals, body soap, and a single tabbed diaper. Should have gotten more but was afraid of being seen D:

    I forgot the brand, but it fits up to 72" waists which I thought was really silly because of how huge it is on me. It quite literally is swaddled and wrapped on in crazy ways just to get it to fit. And it's still too big along the back XD

    I'm not skinny either which means this gave me a huge boost to my self esteem

    Once I finish my terrible pull ups, I'm all about tabbed from here on out!

    Do you guys prefer tabbed? Or pull up? And why?

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    I prefer tabbed. Tabbed diapers can be adjusted better for my body shape and therefore are less prone to leaks.

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    They both have their advantages. I wear pull ups more often.

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    ooo what brand are they? sound great if big as get more padding in them to make big and hard to find bigger diapers xx

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    Have you just bought one single diaper, I am a bit confused, I didn't think you could just buy one diaper, but anyhoo, I know how that felt the first time I put on a taped diaper, the noises were a throwback to my youth, I remember the noises so well.

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    Well done Sheepies!

    I am not personally a fan of pull-on style but love tabbed diapers for everything from fit to absorbency, crinkles are a wonderful thing to have as well.

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    It's an unknown brand I got from my aunt's house during a giveaway spree. Only grabbed one. I regret not getting more ahh

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    Diapers with tapes all the way. You can get such better fit with tape-ons than with pull-ups.

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    If I'm in the solitary comfort of my room, I'll almost always go with tabbed. But since I tend to role play as a middle, there's a special spot in my heart for pull ups. Plus, I don't like messy clean ups or leaks, so if that's a possibility then I prefer the pull ups.

    If there was a pull up with the performance and fit of an adult diaper combined with the designs on pull ups (I LOVE Huggies & Goodnites) I would be a very valuable customer.

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    Taped diapers are the best >.<

    Double tapes for the wind.

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