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Thread: little squirts arrived today

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    Default little squirts arrived today

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    Just got my case today. Haven't tried one yet but got a few out of the bag. Very early impressions:

    - entire outer shell is just like in the pic, a light cyan blue
    - shell is a buttery soft pvc, I don't think it's what they use on the safari, something softer? But other than that the shell looks just like the safari
    - one single wide tape on each side
    - the front tape panel is also softer than tape panels usually are
    - large front waist elastic, but no rear elastic. would have been nice to see elastic in the back too. These diapers are usually made on a continuous roll and cut apart, so you can see a very little slice of the previous diaper's front elastic on the back of each one, it shouldn't be any challenge to add rear elastic, just double the elastic area?

    also, the case was surprisingly heavy, and stuffed. you could tell they had problems closing the box, one end's flaps had a good 3/4" gap in between them. It was taped over just fine, but was fairly easy to see the diapers inside through the clear packing tape and clear bags. I suppose if you didn't know what you were looking at you probably wouldn't know since they're blue and patterned instead of plain white.

    I had a note on mine, "leave package behind house", and that was printed in with my address, making it hard to spot. But they added SEE NOTE in big red marker with an arrow pointing toward it, kudos for that.

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    Make sure to leave a good review on further impressions!

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    Most couriers don't care what is said on the box. Often times resulting in damages most often. I can't trust any of those people or neighbors anymore. UPS Store for me.

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    Oh my gosh those look adorable! I'll have to try some out in the near future (after I buy my school books)

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    So have you tried them out? Are they workable?

    After SDKv2s I wish all nappies had a single tab per side option.

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    These are definitely in the running for crinkliest diaper. By only having a single tape on each side, there's a lot of un-tensioned plastic left to rustle about. I remember green Depends, and these seem about twice as loud.

    Still not confident with getting a great seal, either, so between that and the noise, these aren't in my mission critical wardrobe. Also, they're MUCH blue-er than they appeared on the website.

    All that being said, take advantage of the strong US Dollar and order these from our friends to the north. You'll only pay 76% of the price that shows on their site, based on today's exchange rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tungsten View Post
    These are definitely in the running for crinkliest diaper. By only having a single tape on each side, there's a lot of un-tensioned plastic left to rustle about. I remember green Depends, and these seem about twice as loud.
    Agree with the high volume. The plastic shell on them is a bit thicker than normal, but the material is soft, so the feel is ok but that's why they're louder. The large tapes hold well and so car have been very good at staying down even after being moved several times. Fit is tricky as usual with a single tape, but I think I've finally figured out where they need to be for best fit. Usable capacity is pretty good too. So far I've always been dry for the last 4-5" though, so there's padding back there that is unlikely for me to ever touch without leaking. The front elastic really helps with the fit, and the length of padding is good.

    I'd also say the level of sap is correct, it's not too little, but also not so much that you "football" between your legs and can't side sleep. Overall a good choice for overnight.

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    oooooh these sound really great, I want to try these next

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