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    Just post your dreams here you would like to share. (Nightmares also work.)

    Well last night I had a strange dream/nightmare myself.

    If you read my blog you might know I am shit scared of getting my driver's license. I have the fear of driving, most likely due to the fear of being in a accident. However I am fine riding in cars with just about anyone driving.

    So now that's out of the way...

    I "wake up" to being in my dad's car, a 2 seater car with rather low ground clearance and no it's nothing fancy. So the car is going north on one of the local highways at around 65 MPH. So here's the catch.. I am the only on in the car and I am in the passenger seat. So either I grab the wheel and hopefully steer to a safe stop or I can sit back and accept whatever fate may come. (Now recall how I said I don't really like the concept of driving at all? Well this is it coming into play.) I sit back in my seat and attempt a brace for impact seat belt on of course. The car serves right and runs into a rather large tree at 65 mph. The car gets totaled and I die. I then woke up and I am left awake for about half a hour sort of scared out of my mind.

    I don't need any advice on what this means, its obvious. I have a fear of driving and I put myself into a situation where I needed to do it and I failed. It's as simple as that.. (It could also mean I fear change as well.)

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    this sounds similar to my recurring dreams of trying to drive from the back seat. such a rich metaphor!

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    Craziest thing happened to me. I had a whole bunch of dreams, but one of them was actualy, positively lucid. It's crazy because I havn't had a lucid dream since I was a kid. I was in a car or bus or something when I suddenly realised I was dreaming. I thought, wow, this is exciting. And I tried to stop myself waking up. It was a cool feeling, being awake inside my dream, but then it shifted to a new dream and I forgot I was dreaming.

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    Yeah that's the problem with lucid dreams. You need time/skill to keep it going and to shape it into what you want.

    Anyways last night I had a dream I was with my old church youth group and we went to the movies to see Watchmen. So at the movie's it turns out the theather has around 60 screens. The place is like 6 floors tall and we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find the right one.

    The best part about it was the fact there were scenes not even in the movie itself. Plus it felt and looked more real then Imax. Of course I only got to see maybe 45 seconds of the movie.

    Now that was a awesome dream and slightly amusing.

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