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Thread: I need a believable lie for a package coming in.

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    Default I need a believable lie for a package coming in.

    I'm finding it difficult to request a pickup at the local UPS facility. The web site isn't letting me for some reason. I'm going to contact them for help, but in case that doesn't work, anyone have any good excuses for what could be in the package.

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    yeah get the number for your depot, or call the 800# and have them transfer the call to your depot (a lot of them won't give out the depot #) and have them hold for you.

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    How big is the order? And is it discreet? I it's a big box you can say something like its my intake for my car or truck, if it's a small box video game stuff, clothing, what ever other hobby you have

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    In the words of Johnny 5, "Neeeeed input!"

    Why do you need to explain the package? To whom?

    You could say that it's files and binders, computer hardware, a mini-fridge, a box of bananas, or....?

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    "Its a box full of none of your damn business."

    No reason for you to need to tell anyone.

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    I'm a fan of not actually lying for these. "It's a box full of clothes" is a good one and totally true, for example. But as far as coming up with something really tailored to you, I'd echo tiny that we need more detail about where you're getting the box and who might be around.

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    Suggestion for future orders, when I lived with my parents I periodically ordered stuff. It was usually computer related. This made it normally for me to receive packages and since it was usually the same type of items my parents hardly ever asked. You could start ordering different things so it becomes normal for you to receive packages. I didn't order that often, but it was every few months or so which made me receiving a package that really was diapers normal.

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    I always said that it was something small like a charger and that they must've used a big box by mistake or that they accidentally swapped my package with someone else. That way I don't have to explain why there isn't anything that would fit in the box lying aorund.

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    it would help if you knew how they'd react to "it's something private". Would they continue to pry, or even demand to know what's in there? ("as long as you're living in MY HOUSE demands demands demands")

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinda View Post
    .....anyone have any good excuses for what could be in the package.
    it's your 'new-member indoctrination kit' from I.S. (Infantilist State).

    oh, seriously? 'clothing'. job done. NEXT!!!

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