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    It's been a while since I was last in a relationship or even actively trying to find one, about 2 years ago I guess. My problem is that was before I started pursuing my DL inclinations and I'm not entirely sure how to approach dating now. I'm fairly confident that I want my next relationship to last and I also don't want DL to define any relationship that may come about, but I do want there to be at least some component of it involved. I'm just uncertain of how to even begin to approach that and I don't want to start dating again without a general strategy in mind.

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    I feel you it seems not many people whether it be man or woman arnt to keen on learning that right off the bat lost a few that way both genders just be yourself and wait until the optimum time to discuss it

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    Great thread, DMVanGrif. I'll join right in with you on this. I feel about the same way. I too want a relationship that would not revolve around diapers, but would include it in a small way. Will be much interested in the replies to this thread.

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    So I've had success with telling two different girlfriends about my kinky side. Honestly I think you set yourself up for acceptance by simply picking a good hearted person and the rest I believe takes care of it self. If they care about you it won't matter what type of underwear you like to wear.

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