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Thread: Aaaarrrhhh! My autism/ADHD is keeping me awake at some ungodly hour!

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    Default Aaaarrrhhh! My autism/ADHD is keeping me awake at some ungodly hour!

    I wonder if this is a symptom commonly known to people with autism and/or ADHD: being awake in the early hours and not even knowing if you went to sleep at all!

    It's incredibly annoying and especially because I am going to feel that in the morning and be so moody and sad!

    How do you drop off asleep if your brain won't let you!? Ok, seriously how do you make yourself sleep if you can't, I need some tips, but mind you I think I know why, we didn't exactly learn anything in college today so I didn't use my brain hardly! I usually learn something at home as well on days off.

    Is it stress because today the class was filled with students were like just left school and just loud and immature and I just want to punch them for what they did to me, keeping me awake!!!! I was actually starting to feel sick and I was getting stressed because the college class really resembled school in a sense that they even had SPELLING TESTS!!! And some people just didn't' want to be in class or were even remotely interested! One cheeky little shit! He is actually 2 years younger than me but he is stereotypical teenager and so moody and such a little shit! One guy was fat and had a weird haircut and I imagined him yelling "HEYEHEYHEYHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Fucking idiots reminding me of school that I even after 2 years I can't even recover from the horror of school and bullying!

    I wasn't thinking about them in any way, I just lay in bed and just shut off without falling asleep and then my cats decided to come into my room and be noisy!

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    I dunno, but in this case you seem to have insomnia (I'm sorry if you don't agree with me, I don't know your point here is to sleep at night or during the day, this is just my opinion), personally this caused by psychological problems like "stress" such problems that you through everyday so make you mind not calm and difficult to sleep well. On what I know about overcome this problems when you want to sleep in physically ways is,

    Maybe your room "light", make sure your room light is dim when you want to sleep (I don't know you sleep with room light or not), avoid drinking any coffee, keep clock away from yourself when sleeping because it can make you more stress for calculating the time or it could be the noise, keep away all electronics things from your bed, and also make sure your room don't mess because our mind will be calm if the room looks tidy, besides the fresh air also help, therefore open your window in the day for air cycle.

    You say your cat in, because of that keep your pets away from where you sleep and also take time to doing something relaxing and refresh your mind, reduce for think too much about problems that burden your mind such anxiety for you can sleep well,
    enjoy your life little girl!

    Quick seek the professional if you still cannot sleep to get solutions for stress or anxiety disorders.

    All for you be well.
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    Sometimes I get those nights when I can't sleep and mostly I can

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    It ain't your autism - I have autism and I can sleep fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    What is it then!?
    It could be anxiety, or it could be a number of things, you may have to see a doctor on that one. the anxiety is what it is for me anyway

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    I think it may of been because I had to buy bras today and it doesn't feel right, I was crying this morning before I went. I was dreading buying bras because I feel like a little girl and dirty having breasts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I think it may of been because I had to buy bras today and it doesn't feel right, I was crying this morning before I went. I was dreading buying bras because I feel like a little girl and dirty having breasts.
    Wow, I think you need a bit calm yourself from annoyed your physical body you have, talking about physically sometimes difficult to accept what we have in our physically selves, but you should know that there are still a good side of your physical body that you have because nothing is more perfect than you have now, I don't know what is but you have to be grateful for that, you will always feels guilty if you always think yourself like that, believe you're not looks dirty with it, you must know in this world there are many people live with physical disabilities who wanted them self born normal, so try to slightly appreciate your life even though it feels bitter for you can live with more better. Regression should make you feels better with your life circumstance not to make you hate your physical self.

    (Sorry if this seems opposite).

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    Being old, sleep is sometimes a problem for me. Its worse when I can't get in a workout... restless muscles and stored energy.

    A hard couple hours on my bike almost guarantees a good night's sleep. Physical exhaustion is a sure-fire fix, assuming you don't have disabilities that prevent it.

    When I can't do that, for whatever reason.... I have my tablet on the nightstand. I can read an electronic book, visit here, or watch netflix.

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    I'm also autistic, by any chance do you also have sensory issues?

    I know silly things like an itchy mattress will keep me awake, or being too stressed.

    Doing things out of the ordinary can do it too.

    For some with autism sleeping can be a bit of a issue, for others maybe not so much.

    Have you been like this though childhood, I know that my sleeping problems have always stuck to me.

    A good way of telling if you have sensory issues, is if some noises are "painful" to you, or with me walking bare feet is painful, could even be with food, I'm a fussy eater because of my sensory issues.

    But yes, simple things like stress, excitement or fear can keep a person awake.

    I'm what we call over-sensitive, I have trouble sleeping due to small things such as sensitivity to light, sound touch. I find it hard to cut out sounds etc. I don't like being touched and I have to wear specific clothes.
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