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Thread: Go to the doctors?

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    Default Go to the doctors?

    So ever since I was 6 now I am 21 I have had a bedwetting problem but it's not as frequent now as it was when I was 6 maybe like only 3 times a week but I normally will wear a diaper every night anyways and sometimes during the day I get a little wet but not very much. I would really like to wake up wet everyday again! Maybe it will happen over time? But I also have been wanting to go see a doctor about it to make sure there isn't any real problems to be concerned about. But if there isn't any problems is there things I can say or do that would make me considered to have Urinary incontinence to a doctor so he or she would recommend wearing a diaper or other form of protection? Like should I tell them I frequently have night time incidents and wear diapers at night? I know this might seem different but it's always been a dream of mine

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    I don't condone lying to doctors. This can get out-of-hand if you get an illness or need medical treatment. Basically, your medical record would be wrong.

    I do think you should see a doctor to check and be sure there isn't anything serious going on.

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    just toss back a glass of water/milk before bed, increase your odds? (or do you then wake to nature's call?)

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    I don't know about waking up all the time, I tend to involuntary wet during my sleep at least 3 times a week, I can always count on wetting at night if I have 3 or beers, at first I was pretty cool but now it's kind of getting old, same thing every night, put a diaper on, wake up to a mass of gel around my groin area, sometimes have a wet spot on my sheets or shirt if I was sleeping on my belly. I digress

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    Here's a good general rule. Any time you think you should post online or ask someone, "Should I see a doctor", you should see a doctor.

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    I'd definitely recommend seeing a doctor if you've never seen one before about your issues. Bedwetting can be a sign of a different problem, so it's good to check, especially if it's worrying you.

    As far as getting diapers prescribed, I don't really know if that's possible, but you can be clear with your doctor about what you want. Many doctors would assume the bedwetting itself is a problem for you and therefore prescribe medicines to help reduce it. If you're not interested in that since you like wearing diapers, you can be clear with your doctor that you just want to make sure that you're overall healthy and that you like diapers as a solution to handle your bedwetting and aren't looking to fix it if there's nothing more serious going on.

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    I too a few beers and i am peeing over night awake or not.

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    If you ask your doctor to refer to to a urologist for testing and stuff they probably will. It could be worthwhile if you have never had it done since it could be caused by something that will hurt you. More than likely they will recommend some medications you can try.

    The rest of the post is trying to live out your fantasies through an unwilling bystander. Absolute best case is that after a very boring conversation nothing like what you are imagining you get a prescription for diapers which entitles you to one sub standard diaper per night paid for by your insurance company. A professional mommy would be a lot more fun for only a bit more money.

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    just untrain yourself at night and just revers what people say to prevent

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