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Thread: Great diaper visit to the doctor

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    I'll preface this by saying in the last year or so I've had a number of setbacks health wise. Early in the week I had an appointment with my PCP doctor to get a physical and to go over test results from a uro-dynamics test, lab results from a blood workup, and other issues. My incontinence is well documented there.

    The staff there knows me pretty well as I have been there now quite a number of times. A nurse took me back to the exam room and took all the updates on medications, blood pressure, temperature ect.. When she was done she told me the doctor would be in shortly and to take off my clothes for the exam but I could leave my diaper on. I was surprised as usually they say leave your underwear on. I did like that she acknowledged my condition and did as she requested and then sat there in my diaper and plastic pants and waited for the doctor.

    I waited and waited. I'm normally impatient when having to wait for a long time but being in the office in that state of dress I was enjoying it. The doctor came in about 45 minutes later and was very sorry that she had been detained with another patient and hoped I wouldn't be upset and accept her apologies. She then spent a solid hour going over my charts, my records and finishing up with the physical exam, the whole time I'm just in my diaper and plastic pants.

    I've never had anything close to that experience even though I've been in front of the nurses and doctor in my diapers. Everyone was very professional and needless to say I'm not planning on changing doctors anytime soon.

    With the seriousness of the health issues it was a really nice visit and I left there pretty happy as the news was good. I will be needing a surgery, but that is down the road for now.

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    i have never had a problem with a doctor they only want to make sure im taking care of my skin like that.

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    My husband is a nurse. He doesn't bat an eye about patients in diapers, or my diapers at home, because for medical professionals, that's just a part of the job. It's not anything unusual to them. They're more concerned with medical issues than what you are wearing.

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