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Thread: paci clip or drynights

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    Default paci clip or drynights

    so I don't know what to get a paci clip or drynights both cost the pretty much the same help?!

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    I say get the clip it longer lasting over the drynights. Plus there's better diapers to get then those.

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    I have started to collect paci clips, I have 2 plain pink and blue, I found some tommee tippee ones and I will have a look at the prices on them.

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    I would say the drynights mostly because paci clips can be hand made really easily.
    But that's just me.

    Or better yet invest the money into better more absorbent diapers than drynights.

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    Drynites are still niceeeeee

    But there's much much nicer diapers out there.

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    Drynites if they hold well and can hold at least 2 wettings and you can't afford better diapers or get a paci clip if they don't hold well.

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    don't worry I went with the paci clip

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