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Thread: sensory room

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    Default sensory room

    how many of you have/would like to have a sensory room??

    would it be a place to escape, calm down or chill out to??

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    Many of us don't know what a 'sensory room' is.

    I'm not inclined to take off through YouTube or Google to find out.

    If you're going to create the thread, would it be too much trouble to include the information?

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    It is a time out space.

    I have several areas for this purpose.

    I also call them my grounding space. It is a coping mechanism/calming technique for anxiety and/or depression.

    "Normal" people have these areas that they do it naturally, but when you have depression issues this is something you have to think about.

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    If I had a sh*t ton of money I would buy a house on the country side and totally turn it into a huge sensory place. I would have the biggest pillow room ever!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Awesome! That looks like a bouncy castle!

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    I have my man cave: family room where my widescreen, surround sound, computer, piano/keyboard are, and also a fireplace. The only thing is that it's a large space and open. When I was a kid, my bedroom was in the attic which consisted of two, smaller rooms. Still, it was the whole upstairs and I loved having my privacy. The dormer windows created small space. One contained my desk and chair and I liked being in that space.

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    I would love a sensory room. time and space to get away.

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