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Thread: Does anyone else feel frustrated with their height sometime? (aka tall little problems)

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    Default Does anyone else feel frustrated with their height sometime? (aka tall little problems)

    So, being a person who is rather tall (about 5'10, which might not sound like much, but I tower over my friends) I've had a really frustrating time feeling 'little' around people who are actually much, much shorter than me. It feels very awkward and jarring, and probably looks awkward, too. In fact, my Momma, who I love to bits, is apparently even small enough that she can still fit in clothes in a children's size!

    It's also kind of frustrating whenever I find things online, pictures, drawings, whatever, I always find littles who are... well, little. No disrespect to anybody I follow at all, but almost everyone I've ever seen online looks like they are at most 5'5 or smaller. It just sometimes feels like being a tall little is just unheard of, and instead of being cute, just comes off as weird.

    I'm probably just venting over something that really doesn't matter, and not really making much sense, but I feel I had to rant about this somewhere. I'm kinda hoping through all of this silly nonsense I'm spouting, some of it makes any sense.

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    Totally makes sense. I'm 6' even and i can tell you i wish i was a bit shorter for some of the same reasons you stated.

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    It's okay to be a big baby. Besides, it's all in the imagination of the mind. I'm just a little over 5' 7" but it doesn't seem to matter. I'm also 68 years old, so when I regress, I have to leave all of that behind. When I started kindergarten, I was the second shortest kid in my class, and I actually liked that. Even at that age, I liked being perceived as being younger and little. Everyone made a fuss over the kid who was the smallest. He was one of my friends. He still wore the Gerber training pants, something us boys discovered on our first bathroom trip. Someone started to make fun of him but I said I liked his training pants and that stopped it. He said he couldn't fit into big boy underpants, but I think his family was poor and couldn't afford to buy new clothes when what he had still fit.

    Of course, I reeeeeallly liked his training pants, and that's what I'm wearing even now, thanks to Baby Pants. So play on and enjoy fantasizing being "little".

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    I am 5-2 and I still feel like I am too tall!

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    I am 5'9" and wish every single day that I was shorter. It stinks being tall and wanting to be little in every single way.

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    I'm just a shade under 6' 2" and while there are times it would be nice to be smaller, I generally like how I am. There are times I'd even like to be taller but that's not very frequent. I suspect that's due to the world being built to a slightly shorter average. On the ABDL side of things, there are benefits to being smaller but for me, it's more a reaction to a specific circumstance, i.e., fitting in some baby thing than an ongoing desire.

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    I am 5'9'' and usually I really like my height - but not when I'm in my little mode, then I would like to be really petite. I loveeee kids clothes!!! Maybe there are some easy sewing patterns that might solve the problem..hmm

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    I wish I could fit into kids clothes, maybe I should shop around and see what is available in larger sizes, but I think I am way too big for kids clothes now.

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    I'm 6'6'' and I tower over everybody I know and it's kind of weird that I'm taller than my dad in my opinion.

    It does get tiring of people asking if I play basketball or when people make a comment about my height. I do wish that I was at least 5-6 inches shorter though. Most people only know me due to my height and it gets kind of annoying.

    I'm as skinny as a stick so I can fit into the plus size kids clothes though.

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