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Thread: Vintage Pampers Scent

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    Default Vintage Pampers Scent

    This remains a quest for me - finding this scent. I have on occasion found that smell wafting in a parking lot twice in my life. And that tells me that there are perfumes out there that have a base note that resembles Vintage Pampers.
    It would really be nice to be able to talk to some of the P&G pioneers to learn specifically why a scent was chosen, and what the goal of that scent was. I once communicated with P&G and they did admit that the original scent was far removed from the common baby powder scent. and that when they reintroduced the scent in the late 90's baby powder became the goal. I always felt that the scent was very feminine, big and beautiful. I recently tried to ask P&G if they had a historian that could comment on the scent and just got a canned response. Their last historian runs a cookie shop in Ohio now, but I doubt I will hear back from her. This really should not be as difficult as it has proven to be. Vic Miles recently retired and RC Duncan still works there. These are the names on the early patents.

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    I know the smell ur talking about, not today's pampers but the ones from way back had a much more almost lotion heavy baby (slight hint of baby powder) smell, the smell it self was much deeper and bolder, u could almost feel the humidity of it.
    And no I don't have a smell fetish lol, it's just how I remember it trying to find the words

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    On that note, I have been trying to figure out what composes a classic J&J baby powder scent. I visited my parents house recently and my mom collects very old bottles. One of them is a very old glass jar of Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. The scent is incredible. Stronger than today's powders and lotions. Even more complex. (Sounds like I'm describing a fine wine). Either way what is that smell?

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    Even though I was born late into the 90s I definitely know what you guys mean by vintage pampers and vintage J&J powder, I would love to find a perfume or moisturiser that smells like it

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    iris, violet and vanilla are the key components of the baby powder scent. " almost lotion heavy baby (slight hint of baby powder) smell" Yes, pampers4U that nails it. I had often thought that it was a scent that could remind you of all the nursery smells, but still stood on it's own. That's why it would be great to know how it was developed. But It seems that will remain a secret. If I ever figure it out, I will publish it. If you want to experiment with single note perfumes, there is a company online Parfums Raffy that sell them. Samples are just $1. I tried this one time long ago, but I know so much more, that I am going to try again. Still, I think there is a commercial perfume that holds this scent, but so far I have not been able to find it. P&G has a perfume line. Wouldn't it be cool if they bottled this?

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    I am also looking for a similar thing to you, I found some Generic Pampers Diapers on & on

    Also l discoverd that some companies make pure white adult diapers that are similar to the ones that I wore in the 1980's as a baby boy although my favourite so far have to be the super dry kids diapers as they look and feel authentically like a re production of the pampers baby dry diapers from the early 1990's.

    Although there are others such as Cudlez/drydayz or ABU simple adult diapers.

    Of cause you can still get replicas made in your size of the diapers you wore as a baby if you know where to go but it's expensive so my best bet would be to look at or as mentioned above these sites have uk versions if you are like me and don't live in America.

    You can also request free samples on-line or if your abroud look to buy diapers but that's another blog for another day.

    Yours sincerely chinababy888

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    I have a question, how does anybody know what their diapers looked like as a baby, I wore diapers until I was 5 but I can't remember what was on them, not even the brand of diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I have a question, how does anybody know what their diapers looked like as a baby, I wore diapers until I was 5 but I can't remember what was on them, not even the brand of diaper.
    I remember being pushed in an empty diaper box - it was pampers. I remember peeing in my night diapers, and having my poopy diaper changed when I was crying. Lot's of memories, just have to find them

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    Did some more patent searching today and hit this gem in an early Colgate patent: The perfume may, for instance, be of the coconut extract-synthetic vanillin type used in the amount of 0.01 lb. per 3000 square feet of paper. Anyone have any memories of early huggies scent? Wish I could find a similar comment in the Pampers patents, but so far no mention of perfuming in them. Company secrets I guess. I knew vanilla was a big component, never thought of coconut. Now I have a new scent to experiment with.

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    I actually remember being in diapers at the age of 18- 1 year old and I also remember that the pampers diapers I wore because we had some left over diapers for quite a few years afterwards because they used to do boxes of what they called value packs as in up to 300 in one large box.

    I also remember trying them out again at the age of 6-8 years old out of curiosity and trying to go back/ regress to an easier time of cause the later ones where the so called toddler plus size as I recall, I could also still fit into them at that time because I was still quite small for my age.

    Pampers don't make these diapers anymore although if your lucky you might be able to see some at the museum of childhood in london england or buy some if they are available on or otherwise you may want to consider if you have a few left over having them replicated as a adult size.

    The reason why I wear diapers nowadays is because of a medical condition called a weak bladder but this hasn't stopped me from living my life even though my body is trying to tell me that perhaps I should never have been out of diapers in the first place, my full story is on another website at

    Hope this helps clear up things
    Yours sincerely

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