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Thread: Trusted AB/DL Product Sites?

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    Default Trusted AB/DL Product Sites?

    Salutations users.

    I am interested in ordering AB/DL products such as onesies, sleepers, pacifiers, bibs, etc. The problem is, I do not know where to start to look online or even know what sites can be trusted! So I would like to ask you folks what websites do you recommend to order from and are trustworthy? This would be very helpful for me in the future.

    Thanks to all who post any information~

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    Hey xpmedical is a great place to order a onesie! And pacifier r us is great for your binkie! Both sites are on the pricey site but they are worth the price and I have ordered from them serval times in the past

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    For sleepers the all in one company is good but it is expencive. Plus they are located in the UK.

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    If you're in the UK ABDLMarketplace is good, as is CosyNDry

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    Onesies Downunder sell Diaper T-Shirts (onesies) in a wide variety of patterns from solid colours to space ships and planets! They also sell adult pacifiers that are completely customizable -- I just got my paci from them a few days ago! -- and a monster-themed pacifier clip. Along with that, they have cotton bibs in 2 different sizes, and a NUK adult bottle teat.

    I'd recommend so many more stores, but there are so many of them! /r/ABDL on Reddit has made a huge list of online stores at can be found here.

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    There aren't that many questionable places to buy online. If they do become questionable, they're quick to crumble.

    It's kind of hard to know where to direct you since you do not specify a location in your profile.

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    I have quite a few trusted sites I have ordered from. In almost every case I have been very satisfied with their products. is great for basically anything that you need in the world of ABDL clothing. They have well made products and, so far, have had great customer service. has a good onesie and great cloth diapers (if that's your thing), plastic pants and accessories. Very good service and ABDL aware. has a good one color onesie and great cloth diapers and plastic pants. Good service.

    These three have been around for several years and are great resources for onsies, cloth products and accessories.

    The world of disposal diapers has exploded recently and many vendors have shown to be reliable and discreet.

    My $.02

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    I'll second plasticsounds's recommendation of Baby Pants. They've been my preferred source of AB clothing for the past few years. I'm particularly fond of the lockable footed sleeper (which is comfortable and cute even if you don't use the locking feature).

    If you order a footed sleeper, from Baby Pants or anywhere else, always choose the larger size if you are in between sizes. A sleeper that is too tight can harm your feet.

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    I've had good results from Baby Pants and All Together Diaper Co. as well as Amazon, of course.

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