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Thread: comes Mommy

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    I've enjoyed reading the threads for the last couple hours and look forward to contributing regularly.

    A little about myself:
    I'm new to this lifestyle. I would not consider myself a DL, but according to my baby, I am. I have been convinced many nights to wear to bed. I have and enjoyed it, but I would much rather take on the mothering role.

    Once again...looking forward to learning more.

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    Strange name..

    Strange title for your thread...

    But I don't get any "creepy" vibe from you. So, welcome to ADISC.

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    Nah...I'm not creepy. Just couldn't think of a better name or title.

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    I see.

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    I am not. Thanks anyhow. I have my hands full with one baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DominatingMommy View Post
    I am not. Thanks anyhow. I have my hands full with one baby.
    Well then what good are you? Get off our site! :tongue:

    No, that'd be mean.

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