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    Im going to be starting my new teaching job in 3 weeks, any recommendations on a reliable diaper i can wear under my dress pants that wont show as much as others?

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    Congratulations! I never thought about that before since I teach virtual online clssses from home. Is there a onesie that looks good with dress pants? I wouldn't want to take any chances with my shirt coming up.

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    Online must be so much easier. Ill be teaching 6th grade so i will definitely be standing around people. I'd much rather have something thats less bulky.

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    most pullups are discrete. I'd been wearing totaldry plus, but performance on them is so low that I've been trying something new.

    They cost more but are proving quite nice. All white, very soft plastic, double stick tapes, good leak guards, excellent capacity and higher sap, but still soft padding. They look a bit thick but seem to fit to a medium thickness. Crinkle is a bit loud outof he package but is fairly quiet when worn under pants.

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    Thank you, i will look into that. I am smaller though, so i may go with a larger pull-up type.

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    Also check out the Abena pulls ups if you want to be able to still use the restroom occasionally. Both are good products.

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    Great, thanks so much mein freund

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    Molicare comfort plus are a very good, thin, yet absorbent diaper. I wear them most of the time under dress pants, jeans, shorts, and such. They aren't noisy, bulky, and hold up for several hours pretty darn well.

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    The noise is really what worries me. I am still small enough to fit into goodnites but they dont hold very well.

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