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    Default Lost & Found

    I'm interested it what other people do when they find a Dummy / Paci in the street. Do you:

    a) leave it where it is?
    b) pick it up and put it somewhere obvious?
    c) take it to the nearest lost property?
    d) pick it up secretly and pop it in your pocket and can't wait to get home and try it out?

    I know I'm a D but feel bad about it.

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    I would never ever put it in my mouth. I would however pick it up if theres no witnesses and take it home and make a keyring out of it.

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    Honestly I would choose option A,

    The reason because:

    Option B, to be honest this is not necessary, because we don't know who's the owner and also I don't know what the better place for it.

    Option C, according my own this is not necessary as well and I don't care about pacifier that fall on the road or bring it to the lost property, we will only be laughed when carrying and take them to that place.

    Option D, no offense, but this is a bit disgusting to do, you say the pacifier on the road, automatically the object that have been contaminated with other things such perhaps it had been trampled, exposed to dust or soil and certainly it's originally used by person's mouth, I'm not too silly to take things like that and why not buy a new one, obviously more clean, hygienic and safe for use.

    So I chose option A, because it's clear to better left it, if not dirty it was definitely from baby mouth that fall on the road.

    Besides my parent was a doctor, even though she knew my little side and saw it, she would not accept.

    Sorry this just my opinion.
    I appreciate your post HarryPotter!

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    I would leave it where it is, because It is wrong to steal

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    I'd do D but make sure it was thoroughly washed first, where I worked a lot of people bring their kids in and they lose them and never come back for them so when I can I swipe it and put it in my pocket until I finish work

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    Pacifiers are generally pretty inexpensive, so I doubt a parent would go looking for a lost one. Using one you find is kinda gross.

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    I would do different things depending on the situation:

    A - Leave it alone - this is the choice I would probably chose most often.
    B - Move it - I don't think moving it would ever be something I would do
    C - Lost & Found - this I might do. For instance, I am in the food store and see a pacifier, I may take it to the customer service counter. However, if I found the pacifier in the parking lot or someplace that the 'Lost & Found' would be hard to find - I would revert to option A
    D - Absolutely never.
    E - This option wasn't mentioned but I would probably do this also - pick it up and throw it in a trash container.

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    Either A or B. It depends.

    If on the street then I leave it where it is. As it's most likely abandoned.

    If somewhere like a restaurant, I pick it up and put it somewhere obvious like on top of a table in case the parent / owner comes looking for it.

    Personally, I'd never take one home with me. Being somewhat germophobic, I wouldn't dream of putting it in my mouth. Even after a hard scrubbing or major disinfecting. Also the thought of putting a paci that recently was probably in a young child's mouth is a huuuuuge no-no to me.

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