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Thread: For anyone how would you make a make shift abdl pram or buggy

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    Lightbulb For anyone how would you make a make shift abdl pram or buggy

    I watched a adult woman in this buggy at looked like it was made from the structure of those pushable bags that some old people had. They had a basset part where the woman was sitting her legs hanging out along with arms. It fitted her body in but her head was raised her arms was out and so was her legs.

    I would show you the video too but because the what seems to be the mummy in this role was speaking a different langue it might go beyond rule 8. Use Readable English. Even though it might be OK because they are only talking in a different language I will let the staff decide that. My mistake they are not handing out they are snugly in.

    So this is where I got the idea to write the thread
    I thought it might be useful for any adult babies and diaper lovers maybe even some babyfur and diaperfurs to shear and try suggestions and ideas.

    I also think it maybe a good idea to lay down some rules.
    1. Follow the ASISC rules for starters
    2. If you think it is dangerous don't do it.
    3. No talking about custom strollers at you got from a abdl website. This is to give people suggestions on on how to make a buggy or pram or even modify a babies/toddler pram to take the weight of a adult and any other ideas on how to make a homemade pram or buggy.

    So like that video shown because the bars are that like a shopping trolley it is quite sturdy which means you would not fall out.
    Add some comfy padding like something PCV protective maybe a few accident matts.

    So has anyone else got any other suggestions to make a abdl pram/stroller?
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    find a wheelchair that largely suits your needs, look for the larger child ones since many are made that will fit a 250 lb adult, convaid to comes to mind here

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