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    Does anybody know where i can get a mega big petticoat from please for under my dresses....i used to have a 50yd one but i cant remember where i got it from..think it was the USA but cant find any now...i want it really fluffy and big but only see the usual ones ..Does anybody know who makes them. I think mine was off Leanne but not sure as not seen her sell any on ebay...thankyou ..hugs xxxx

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    thankyou sweetheart but link isnt showing anything? hugs xxx

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    Must have typed it wrong sorry just google adult sissy dress it's a UK listing :-)

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    I wondered what a petticoat is, is it just a ruffle skirt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    ahhhh thankyou sooooo much..thats where i got my last one...couldnt for the life of me remember ....whoohooooo!!! excited now thankyou thankyou thankyou xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I wondered what a petticoat is, is it just a ruffle skirt?
    if you press on that link hun it will show you..they really puff your dresses out to make them all big and bouncy...i cant live without my them xxx

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    They sound and look princess's judging by your profile picture, maybe if I dressed up as a ballerina I would get one!

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    you would love a tutu one if you want to be a ballerina as they stick out stiffer and wider ..hugs xxx

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