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Thread: quantity over quality?

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    Default quantity over quality?

    So im looking to try wearing almost 24/7, and looking for options to get alot of diapers for cheap.

    i have modded some baby diapers to fit fairly well(they will hold a wetting one time) since they are cheap with alot in it but was wondering if there is something better brand wise? I also wear Goodnites often but looking for a tape on.
    Depends, Tena, Always, what is the best option to try? i have tried Depends with most success but find you dont get alot in a package.

    Just curious moreso but any help would be great too. Thanks again!

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    It's probably best to have a mix. Cheap, low capacity diapers for when you're at home and can change easily, premium diapers to change into for whenever the circumstances require (e.g. nighttime or leaving the house).

    Depends fit the criteria for cheap and low capacity at ~50 cents/diaper if you look for deals. TranquilityATN can be had for ~70 cents/diaper if you order by the case. If you can fit size small, molicare is close to $1/diaper on xpmedical.

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    In general quality is better than quantity. There are times where you may not be able to use a premium diaper to capacity which would mean quantity would be the better option.

    Personally I tend to use 3 different diapers. The ABU simple because it's the only one that can get me through a work day without having to change. Dry 24/7's seem to be the best bang for the buck and are my go to. The third is either prevail or presto. Both are cheap and their capacity matches the cost. But if I only need 2 of them then it's cheaper than a dry 24/7.

    You have to figure out what works best for you and your schedule. If I could change at any time, I would most likely just stick to dry 24/7's.

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    I have bought presto twice now and find them ok for 1 and maybe 2 good wetting's in the regular size.

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    The new Depend is awful beware! I don't think the price is $0.50 per piece, more like $0.80.

    Tranquility ATN would be ideal, because it's cheap, it has a decent capacity compared to the price and you'd get the most quality out of quantity for the price. They can be bought quite cheaply if you shop for the best price.

    As others have said, having multiple choices in your supply really helps out. Not having to worry about wasting, or if it will get you through the day, if you stick to one diaper. ABU Simple would be a great premium diaper, Dry 24/7 is a good above average diaper, Abena is a good median, and Tranquility ATN is good for short periods of time. They are good for a couple of voids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icklespace View Post
    always go with quality

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    I would say if you can't afford to buy relatively good diapers in quantity, 24/7 may not be the best choice - although you could consider building up a stock of cloth diapers over time if you're willing to deal with the challenges of cloth.

    I buy Abena M3s - I have a standing order for 4 packs a month. It costs me about $2,500 p/a but I honestly don't think I could downgrade in good conscience.

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    Quality is better, with low quality you can develop more rashes

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