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Thread: So, I've been thinking (PLEASE READ)

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    Default So, I've been thinking (PLEASE READ)

    I've been seeing a lot of posts about 'Understanding Infantilism' articles and things like it. But whenever I read one, something always seems to be missing. I recently realized what it is - Testimony from actual *B/DLs! All these articles have a lot of information, studies, and psychological mamble-jamble, but none of them have anything from anyone that is actually involved in the community!

    So I've been thinking of doing a series of polls on the site to gather some information about the community members (you can answer anonymously of course, as some of the polls might be a bit personal) and get some more open-ended questions going to get some real insight on who we are and why we do what we do!

    Thoughts? Questions?


    As far as polls go, I've been thinking of the following:

    "Are you AB/TB or DL or both?"

    "How many siblings do you have?"

    "Were you abused, physically or sexually, when you were younger?"

    "When did your interest in diapers really begin to take shape?" (Open-ended)

    "How old are you?"

    "Are you also a furry? (Babyfur or diaperfur)"

    "What is your sexuality? (Straight, Bi, Gay, Unsure, Asexual)"

    "Do you have a significant other?"

    "Are you a virgin?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manveru View Post
    All these articles have a lot of information, studies, and psychological mamble-jamble, but none of them have anything from anyone that is actually involved in the community!

    I don't read them in the first place for that reason.

    As for the questions, i never have a problem with personal questions when there is a guaranteed anonymity. People still, as sad as it is, can be kinda judgemental when they discover things like that about others (not that they have any right to - but they do). So yeah - that's the only factor i'd be weary of... otherwise, go for it ^^,

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    a couple of questions that i thought of:
    are you a pedophile? (since groups constantly associate that with us)
    which religion are you?
    what sex and race are you?

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    have you been to this page?
    granted, it's true that not a lot of research has been done there on origins.

    and as much as i hate to link to dpf, the following poorly-written article is nevertheless quite interesting:

    i'm always excited to see threads and polls about figuring out what exactly infantilism is and how it came to be. the siblings question is interesting, but charlie pretty much already covered that one in this thread. it'd also be interesting to see what sort of a roll abuse plays in the development of this fetish, and at what age infantilism typically starts to develop. of course these things may different for ABs and DLs, so you might want to try to take that into account somehow.

    here's another thing that might be interesting -- that dpf article says that a large majority of male infantilists report being brought up by a heavy-handed father. i know i was, and it seems like a lot of people in this community were. it might be interesting to figure out to what extent that might have had a hand in making us who we are.

    it'd also be interesting to make a poll on how many of us were bedwetters, or wore diapers at any time after the age of 3 1/2 or so. that's another thing that might be different for ABs and DLs.

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    hmm... heavy handed father (who was non existant after i was 3) and i was in diapers until i was 5 (bedwetter).

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    yeah, I'd like to fill out poll like that! I too, had a heavy handed father(and I was ADHD to the max, too! How mean!), and because of that, I have sworn to never spank my kids. (If I have any, that is..)

    I for one, know why I'm a TT, and would be happy to fill out your poll, so please, make it, and I'll fill it out!

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    I think it'll have to be a series of polls and for consistency's sake I'll post them here. I will stick with my original list and include:

    "What sex are you?"

    "What race are you?"

    "Are you IC?"

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    I don't subscribe to a lot of those articles... the information is old and out of date... and I never have trusted the source.

    Perhaps we can re-write them in the wiki section... make it better...

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    Default Congrats


    U had a though 'Congratulations' hehehehe



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    you mean he had a "thought"

    if you are gonna attempt to be a smartass... at least spell it right....

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