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    As a bedwetter well into my teens and being of a certain age I wore pinned on terry nappies and at first rubber and then plastic pants.Adult disposables were not availabe in those days. I do wear them every now and then these days, and having found these new pins I might have to do it more often. How cute are these!?

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    They are 90mm (3 1/2") .ong and available in 5 different colours.

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    Pretty cute for sure. My interests run much more towards disposables and rarely towards pins when I do wear cloth. If I were using pins, those would be some good ones. I recall some white ducky pins more like 90 rotated left and then flipped but I guess a duck is a duck.

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    In the US, Baby Pants sells the same pins--in pink, yellow, and a few other colors. I have a pair of the yellow ones. Yes! They're very cute. They're a decent, upsized clone of the 1960's/70's diaper pins that so many of us 40- and 50-somethings will remember from our childhoods.

    I guess this is an opportunity for me to mention that, of the Baby Pants pins I've tried, these are by far the best, having far better points than the non-ducky ones of several years back. Still, the shafts on these 3-1/2" diaper pins are pretty thick, and the tapers on the points quite a bit less gradual than on actual baby diaper pins. This make it difficult to get them through some diapers, such as my cotton twill prefolds. And, as it turns out, I don't find the extra length of these "adult sized" pins to be necessary. They baby kind work perfectly, provided they're of a sturdy make like Dritz, or are actual vintage.

    For that reason, I'd suggest that anybody after these ducky pins seriously consider buying some of the originals off eBay. The are always many auctions for these vintage pins, many of them new in packages. What's more, the points on these old pins are second to none, being not only extremely sharp, but also having very long, gradual tapers that really ease the task of pinning through diapers. I need to pick up some more, as my last pair of vintage duckies was lost during a move. I've been using Dritz baby diaper pins lately and find them to be excellent, but there is something extra fun about a diaper pinned with babyish pins.

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    Just to add that there are a number of oversized pins on Aliexpress, but they don't seem to have trickled through to the market.

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    I recently got some of these from Cuddlz. They seem good - and lock so they hopefully would never come loose.
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    I still have an old pair that I think were given to my wife and I when our first child was born. Baby pins work much better than the larger, adult pins.

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