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    So I've gone on a family holiday with my wife and kids and I thought that I would try 10 days without wearing. So I packed 10 pairs of big boy pants. 7 days in and I'm really missing it so off to Tesco's and all I could get was 'Tesco Free Spirit Pants'. When I got back to the holiday cottage I eagerly put on a pair. The waistband is the highest I've ever seen and it didn't seem to offer much protection. There are no side protectors in the gusset. So I popped on two pairs just in case. I can only say that I'm glad I was wearing big boy pants over the top and black shorts as they leaked really badly. Worst pullups / pants ever! So I'm desperately trying not to show my large dark shadow and I need to wash and dry my shorts and big boy pants somehow without raising suspicion. Does anyone have any bad experiences with poor quality product.
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