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    I'm am interested in a cloth AIO diaper. Looking at Dependecos and see that they have cotton, flannel and PUL to choose from. What are the differences between these materials?

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    They all have a PUL layer and a thin microfiber inner liner. The cotton and flannel versions have another layer of fabric on the outside, which covers over a plain PUL layer. The PUL versions just have PUL on the outside and a soft microfiber layer on the inside. I have a bunch of these covers and I prefer the thinner PUL only versions, but the designs aren't as good as the cotton and flannel versions. I have several of these too, but they are much thicker (thickest is the flannel). I wear them over cotton twill diapers from Changing Times. I also sometimes wear them over disposables at night. I hope that helps.

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    Hi!! Get them both cotton feels kinda like the clothes you wear or the texture of the sheets and flannel are soft like a baby footsleeper or a blankie. Cotton are cooler than flannel during summertime flannel are not that that hot I mean, I still wear them. dependeco are so good!! You won't be disappointed.
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    I haven't tried the Dependeco diapers myself, but have heard a few people report that the outsides get slightly moist after use. I've wondered--but keep forgetting to ask--whether those people have the regular PUL, or cotton/flannel-covered PUL. Because, in my experience, plain old PUL doesn't sweat much. On the other hand, it's easy to imagine how a cotton or flannel layer over the PUL could wick moisture from the leg cuffs to the rest of the exterior. We used AIOs (among many other cloth diapers) with our kids when they were babies, and never were the PUL exteriors of the diapers damp unless there had been a major leak.

    So, if I was doing the shopping, I'd probably stuck with the plain PUL. Putting an absorbent material over the PUL--on the outside of the diaper--has always seemed to me to be a rather strange and problematic design choice.

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