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Thread: How do you clean a dummy

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    Default How do you clean a dummy

    So, I recently purchased my first dummy and after a few days stopped using it for multiple reasons, primarily because I know that they can quickly get covered in germs. So, what is the safest and easiest way to clean a dummy? It has been quite a while of it just sitting on my desk and I am too afraid to use it right now.

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    you can just put it in bottle sterilising solution hun or steam in bottle steriliser but other option cheaper and then rinse before you use with boiled water xxx

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    Unless you have an autoimmune disease or some other medical condition, you can just use dishwashing soap and hot water just like any other dishes. As an adult, you do not need the extra precautions that a real baby would need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    As an adult, you do not need the extra precautions that a real baby would need.

    Maybe we dont, maybe we do.

    Hee, hee I just put mine through the dishwasher along with my bottles.

    Happy sucking.

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    Just soap and water will do just fine. Adult immune systems are much stronger than that of a baby's. If you're still paranoid though, you could boil the paci. Just make sure it can withstand that!

    While most baby pacis are made strong enough to withstand boiling some adult sized ones are made with plastic that can melt or warp under the same conditions.

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    Mostly only with water. Adult person has enough defense in its mouth.

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    If I got this right and I may have this wrong but on one of Pamperchu's videos I do not remember which one but he said he puts them in hot water to sterilise them.
    It is also good to know if you find them on the floor in public like he dose

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    I just use hot water from the tap. But then I also change pacis like once a month, I like the fresh feeling of a new paci.

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    I just use hand soap and hot water to clean mine and it works out fine every time.

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