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    Hi peeps,

    So got myself a pack of Crinklz medium size, amazingly babyish (and I suppose furry) packaging.

    The piece count is 15 and stated origin in the EU, I haven't opened them yet but the depiction of the nappy on the front doesn't appear to have a taping panel.

    I did see a review on YouTube and I am sure I saw country of manufacture PRC and a 12 piece count, definitely appear to have a taping panel in the video.

    Do I have an older pack? Do these have version 1s and version 2s?

    From what I can see they are a very busy nappy, the white tiger is cute as a button, kinda wish the nappies looked like the ones he is wearing (not complaining.)

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    Back when Crinklz had the large animal prints they were derived from the old Comficare, with landing zone.

    The whole diaper and design changed to one with small animal prints lined by coloured decoration, no landing zone.
    (Better Dry should be the same diaper but plain white.)

    Those had an earlier version with smaller tapes which were changed in favour of wider ones. Check the print down the middle, if it ends in 2 16 it's the current model.

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    Won't get around to opening them for sometime I suppose but I did just look at the eBay ad (possibly should have done that before purchasing lol.)

    "Note - there is no additional landing strip on this product however the strong shell is resilient enough to withstand plenty of duress when the diaper is full."

    While I prefer a taping panel obviously it's only one factor on a nappy.

    I am impressed to see then they were previously made in China and now made in the EU. Reveresing the trend maybe?

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    Yup, some (most) people claim the old model (Comficare, the one with the landing zone) was better, but I differ. They are just different, and I think they fit better (but yea, the other one looked way better from an ABDL point of view)

    These guys are awesome, as they have a very fair price. That's the main reason they gave for the big change: The Euro-Yuan was getting out of hand and it wasn't posible to keep the prices if they bought the nappies from china. So now they're just making them in the EU, but they had to redesign it completely (as they don't have the same nappy-maker machine)
    It's still one of the cheapests and most absorbent ABDL printed nappies [Up to 1.06/printed nappy, 0.93/nappy unprinted in ABDLFactory]... Compare that to an ABU... The price is what makes it my favorite

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    there's no tape panel on the new (comficare based) diapers. They now have second-chance tapes, but keep in mind that the front shell is pretty soft, and tears easily. Don't crank down the tapes very hard or you'll rip the shell. The waist elastic will help keep them up even though they fit a little looser. (more comfortable)

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    In my experience the new ones with the big tapes hold up extremely well. Great diaper, it's been a while since I had Comficares, but I think I do like these better actually. Landing zone or not.

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    Ta for the help with these.. Will try to get to actually trying them in the next month or so!

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    Crinklz/BetterDry are magic for side/stomach sleepers. All the SAP is way up front and they pretty much have the only leak guards that guard against leaks. It's frustrating that they're so cheap in Europe and so expensive in the States.

    Who wants to get together and put a group order in for a whole shipping container of these? We can cut out the middleman!

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