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Thread: If you could have any toy you wanted, what would it be and why?

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    Default If you could have any toy you wanted, what would it be and why?

    I would choose one of those big kitchen playsets! When I was a little girl my parents promised they ordered one for me through this store rewards catalog thing. They didn't really and hoped I'd forget about it. I didn't >3> I remember every few months for about 3-4 years I'd ask if the kitchen came in yet but it never did. 20 years old and I still want that toy kitchen. I still occasionally bring it up for laughs.

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    Hmm, I'd have to think about that. I did have a hankering for a remote control aeroplane (I can't remember for the life of me what the thing was actually called because the place that sold them has gone into administration), but then again, I would have loved to have yet more train sets

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    I really want a toy kitchen set, I had one when I was a kid, along with a toaster, washing machine, iron and iron board and microwave, ooh ooh and a cash register!

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    I want a big train table with lots of track and moving parts to keep me interested and busy.

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    This is a more grown-up toy: I would like anything to do with model trains. My dad had an extensive layout and I started to build one myself but never really got anywhere with it.

    I would be happy with several baby/toddler toys but none are really a 'must have'.

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    I wanna Stretch Armstrong! Or a big wheel!

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    This is a good question.

    Do I only get one toy thought. :-(

    If i get lots and lots and lots of toy then I will have to make a list.

    Hee, hee.

    But one toy. Hummmm

    Lots of Lego maybe then I could duild things.

    Or maybe a big jungle gym in my bedroom with rope swings and slides and a climbing wall lots of places to hide.

    Or maybe a new push bike the ones with a battery pack that helps you go up hills.

    I know, I know I would have a space ship so i could go off exploring new University. Or a time machine. Yea a time machine that would be fun.

    Hee, hee

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    I'd kill for one of those huuuuge teddy bears. Like the ones that are 7ft tall. :p

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    Ooh! All these things sound like so much fun! Makes me yearn for days gone by.

    Lately I've been staying at my oldest sister's house because of a funeral and she's got a young son. When no one's around I like playing with his super cool toys hehe. He's got all sorts of neat stuff like castles, cars, play tables with roads and bridges, and this cool grill play set. He's even got that one rug that has streets and stuff printed on it. You guys have probably seen this rug at one point or other. It's been around since I was little. He's got all these cool toys yet only wants to play with his mom's iPad. Bummer.

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    ohhh Sheepies i had one of those rugs for my son growing up..used to have lots of fun with it playing cars and i once made a Thomas the Tank engine track on a big board and painted all the roads on it and a fire station etc...think i played with it more than he did lol. I would love a set of clackers..remember the fun in the playground with them or a fisherprice dolls house ...hugs xxxx

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