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    So, I got my ABUs. Holy Shit, are they thick. I decided to wear one the work, today. In fact, I'm already one wetting in.
    Those who have worn they, how many wettings have you gotten in them (without leaking, of course)?

    Stay padded, my friends,

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    Abby, I haven't tried ABUs! I want to though!! Right now I just bought my first pack of Moli Soft Supers. But maybe that's a good thing because wearing as often as I do, the thicker and bulkier is not always the better.

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    Wettings are relative for everyone, but I can tell you that they usually last me around six hours.

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    I just got finished with a 7 hour shift with the same ABU Simple on. It was quite wet, but I bet it could have gone for another hour or so. But honestly, the main issue with them is the smell. Any longer and it would have really gotten rank.

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