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Thread: Do you soak your cloth diapers?

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    Default Do you soak your cloth diapers?

    Any cloth diaper wearers here soak them when you put them in the diaper pail?

    I read on another diaper forum that's what some people do because they told me they soak them first. One guy who is incontinent soaks his diapers in his diaper pail before he washes them and he rings then out before putting them in the wash.

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    I have just the one...and i will do a pre wash in the sink first...but not soak

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    I don't soak them, and mine seam to be fine.

    my main problem is some of my older plastic pants are starting to get hard, and I am afread they might crack soon.

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    You better get more then. One of my older ones is starting to crack too and would need to get another pair soon.

    I'm soaking my pair in a bucket before I wash my other cloth diapers tomorrow I'm going to wear tonight.

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    whats cracking..the plastic outer cover ?

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    Yes. They start to tear open he means because they get stiff.

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    I marinate mine in some spices, then I put it on the grill. Oh wait, I don't have cloth diapers...What did I eat last night then...

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    I wear mine into the shower and wash them out there. Then I hang them up to dry. I'll collect a few and then wash them together in the washing machine.

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    I toss mine in the washer on cold wash and leave the lid up so they soak. The next day I close the lid and let it rinse adding that days diaper then leave the lid up to soak till tommorrow. When I'm out of diapers, I've only 4 cloth ones, I give em a final cold rinse followed by a hot soapy wash.

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    I've done it in the past. They do get cleaner that way, but I wash them by hand. If you just wet them, then I think putting them in washing machine without soaking first wouldn't make any difference. If you mess them, then I'd soak them regardless of how I washed them.

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