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Thread: Is there such a thing as too many diapers!?

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    Default Is there such a thing as too many diapers!?

    Been having a tidy up of my house, and realised I might have a diaper addiction,
    I'm litterly surrounded by nappies.!
    Last count was over 200! Trouble is there are so many new styles coming out at the moment and I think to myself "oh I must try some of those" and I end up buying bags of them!
    Must of spent thousands of pounds in my years of wearing nappies!

    Anyone else think they have this problem?
    How many nappies have you guys got in you're collection?
    And do you think I must start using them up before I buy anymore! Haha!

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    200 bags or 200 diapers? 200 diapers does not sound like so many. There are members here with literally thousands.

    No problem that I can see. You should keep trying more unless you can't afford it or feel you have a problem.

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    200 diapers. For me that is quite a total, never had that many before. Went on a spending spree a few weeks ago with a bonus I got.
    Thousands? Some members have that many?
    Where the hell would you store them all?

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    I probably have 200. Between the Abenas, Certainty, Huggies, Parent's Choice, Rearz, Tykables, GoodNites and Tenas I wouldn't be surprised at all. My conservative estimate is 160 though.

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    I probably have 10 packs of 24 nappies or large shaped inco pads at any one time.

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    I have just over 100, which is the most that I've ever had at one time.

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    I've been incontinent most of my life and have about 90 adult prefolds 120 toddler cloth diapers and 150 Dry 24/7 and a pile of odds and ends. Trust me they will all go to good use.

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    I can store some for you. Although, there's a good chance that the majority will get used before they return. Lol. Especially the thicker ones.

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